American 24-Karat Gold

Edition: 4th
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2019-09-03
Publisher(s): Pearson
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Part of Longman#x19;s #x1C;Literature for College Readers#x1D; series, American 24-Karat Goldintroduces developmental readers to classic American short stories, with pedagogy to support their reading and comprehension and make the literary pieces accessible. The text includes a collection of American short stories by classic American writers (e.g., Mark Twain, O. Henry, Kate Chopin) along with diverse modern writers (e.g., Migene Gonzalez-Wippler, Amy Tan, Zora Neale Hurston, and Alice Walker). Each story contains pre-reading vocabulary exercises and questions, author#x19;s biography with suggestions for further reading, a journal entry worksheet, comprehension quizzes, and writing prompts.

Table of Contents

Intent and/or Tone Contentsp. x
Chronological Contentsp. xii
Forewordp. xiii
Prefacep. xv
A Sample Lessonp. 1
ôRipe Figsöp. 2
Characters and Conflictsp. 21
ôThe Unexpectedöp. 23
Is Dorothea shallow or profoundingly honest? What do you think?
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 23
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 25
Pre-reading Questionsp. 25
ôThe Unexpectedöp. 26
Journalp. 29
Follow-up Questionsp. 32
Discussion Questionsp. 33
Writingp. 33
ôA Worn Pathöp. 34
Old Phoenix overcomes challenge after challenge as she takes the reader on a journey to town.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 34
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 36
Pre-reading Questionsp. 36
ôA Worn Pathöp. 37
Journalp. 45
Follow-up Questionsp. 48
Discussion Questionsp. 49
Writingp. 49
ôTwo Kindsöp. 50
Tensions between mother and child touch us all in this lively tale of hopes and aspirations.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 50
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 52
Pre-reading Questionsp. 52
ôTwo Kindsöp. 53
Journalp. 63
Follow-up Questionsp. 66
Discussion Questionsp. 67
Writingp. 67
ôThe Tell-Tale Heartöp. 68
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 68
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 70
Pre-reading Questionsp. 70
ôThe Tell-Tale Heartöp. 71
Journalp. 76
Follow-up Questionsp. 79
Discussion Questionsp. 80
Writingp. 80
ôThere Will Come Soft Rainsöp. 81
Using nontraditional characters, Ray Bradbury questions humankind's relationship with the technology it creates.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 81
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 83
Pre-reading Questionsp. 83
ôThere Will Come Soft Rainsöp. 84
Journalp. 88
Follow-up Questionsp. 91
Discussion Questionsp. 92
Writingp. 92
Setting and Propsp. 93
ôElevenöp. 95
Rachel brings forth insights we can all share.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 95
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 97
Pre-reading Questionsp. 97
ôElevenöp. 98
Journalp. 101
Follow-up Questionsp. 104
Discussion Questionsp. 105
Writingp. 105
ôEveryday Useöp. 106
Sincerity triumphs over superficiality in this story centered around a family heirloom.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 106
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 108
Pre-reading Questionsp. 108
ôEveryday Useöp. 109
Journalp. 118
Follow-up Questionsp. 121
Discussion Questionsp. 122
Writingp. 122
ôBone Girlöp. 123
Old traditions lead to new changes in this spirited tale.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 123
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 125
Pre-reading Questionsp. 125
ôBone Girlöp. 126
Journalp. 133
Follow-up Questionsp. 136
Discussion Questionsp. 137
Writingp. 137
ôStrong Temptations-Strategic Movements- The Innocents Beguiledöp. 138
Told with humor and irony, this is the classic tale of Tom Sawyer painting the fence.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 138
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 140
Pre-reading Questionsp. 140
ôStrong Temptations-Strategic Movements-The Innocents Beguiledöp. 141
Journalp. 146
Follow-up Questionsp. 149
Discussion Questionsp. 150
Writingp. 150
ôThe Cask of Amontilladoöp. 151
Edgar Allan Poe walks the reader through the homicidal mind in this classic story of family revenge wherein darkness increases with the subterranean descent.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 151
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 153
Pre-reading Questionsp. 153
ôThe Cask of Amontilladoöp. 154
Journalp. 161
Eollow-up Questionsp. 164
Discussion Questionsp. 165
Writingp. 165
Plot and Foreshadowingp. 167
ôSalvationöp. 168
We share the narrator's confusion as events swirl around him in this light yet introspective tale.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 168
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 170
Pre-reading Questionsp. 170
ôSalvationöp. 171
Journalp. 174
Follow-up Questionsp. 177
Discussion Questionsp. 178
Writingp. 178
In this lively story, Migene Gonzalez-Wippler portrays a childhood experience with a religious system that combines Christian and African beliefs, enhanced by foreshadowing.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 179
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 181
Pre-reading Questionsp. 181
ôYorubaöp. 182
Journalp. 192
Follow-up Questionsp. 195
Discussion Questionsp. 196
Writingp. 196
ôWine on the Desertöp. 197
Justice is brutally served in this powerful story.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 197
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 199
Pre-reading Questionsp. 199
ôWine on the Desertöp. 200
Journalp. 208
Follow-up Questionsp. 211
Discussion Questionsp. 212
Writingp. 212
ôThe Last Leaföp. 213
We share friendship and devotion in this stirringly poignant tale.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 213
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 215
Pre-reading Questionsp. 215
ôThe Last Leaföp. 216
Journalp. 222
Follow-up Questionsp. 225
Discussion Questionsp. 226
Writingp. 226
ôThe Lady or the Tiger?öp. 227
The reader expects resolution in a story, but Frank Stockton leaves the reader holding her or his breath.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 227
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 229
Pre-reading Questionsp. 229
ôThe Lady or the Tiger?öp. 230
Journalp. 236
Follow-up Questionsp. 239
Discussion Questionsp. 240
Writingp. 240
Ironyp. 241
ôThe Story of an Houröp. 242
Kate Chopin turns marital assumptions upside down with her ironic twist.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 242
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 244
Pre-reading Questionsp. 244
ôThe Story of an Hourôp. 245
Journalp. 248
Follow-up Questionsp. 251
Discussion Questionsp. 252
Writingp. 252
ôGifts of the Magiöp. 253
Love triumphs over all as gifts are well, if not wisely, given.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 253
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 255
Pre-reading Questionsp. 255
ôGifts of the Magiôp. 256
Journalp. 261
Follow-up Questionsp. 264
Discussion Questionsp. 265
Writingp. 265
ôThe Wonderful Old Gentlemanöp. 266
Did you ever want to scream, ôThat's unfairö? The knife of injustice slowly twists in this ironic story.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 266
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 268
Pre-reading Questionsp. 268
ôThe Wonderful Old Gentlemanöp. 269
Journalp. 280
Follow-up Questionsp. 283
Discussion Questionsp. 284
Writingp. 284
ôThe Ransom of Red Chieföp. 285
O. Henry turns the tables in this story in a way that is still humerous today.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 285
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 287
Pre-reading Questionsp. 287
ôThe Ransom of Red Chieföp. 288
Journalp. 298
Follow-up Questionsp. 301
Discussion Questionsp. 302
Writingp. 302
ôSweatöp. 303
Zora Neale Hurston's ever-surviving female realizes ultimate justice.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 303
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 305
Pre-reading Questionsp. 305
ôSweatöp. 306
Journalp. 317
Follow-up Questionsp. 320
Discussion Questionsp. 321
Writingp. 321
Extended Short Story Studyp. 323
ôTo Build a Fireöp. 324
Arctic conditions test the knowledge of man and dog.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 324
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 326
Pre-reading Questionsp. 326
ôTo Build a Fireöp. 327
Journalp. 341
Follow-up Questionsp. 344
Discussion Questionsp. 345
Writingp. 345
ôA Rose for Emilyöp. 346
The reader experiences the very wretchedness of William Faulkner's decaying-South through Emily and her relationships.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 346
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 349
Pre-reading Questionsp. 349
ôA Rose for Emilyôp. 350
Journalp. 359
Follow-up Questionsp. 362
Discussion Questionsp. 363
Writingp. 363
ôDr. Heidegger's Experimentöp. 364
In this tale set amid dark and ominous surroundings, Nathaniel Hawthorne questions change with light humor, irony, and even a touch of sarcasm.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 364
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 368
Pre-reading Questionsp. 368
ôDr. Heidegger's Experimentöp. 369
ô Journalp. 378
Follow-up Questionsp. 381
Discussion Questionsp. 382
Writingp. 382
ôThe Bell-Toweröp. 383
In this powerful tale written long before modern machinery Herman Melville exposes a man's self-glorifying pride in his own resourcefulness.
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Contextp. 383
Pre-reading Vocabulary-Structural Attackp. 387
Pre-reading Questionsp. 387
ôThe Bell-Toweröp. 388
Journalp. 401
Follow-up Questionsp. 404
Discussion Questionsp. 405
Writingp. 405
Judgesp. 407
How I Use This Bookp. 411
Vocabulary in Contextp. 415
Glossary of Prefixes and Suffixesp. 419
Creditsp. 425
Indexp. 427
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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