The Anti-federalist Papers

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2020-05-21
Publisher(s): Dover Publications
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Between the first proposals of a federal Constitution in 1787 and the document’s 1789 ratification, an intense debate raged among the nation's founding fathers. The Federalist Papers — authored by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay — favored the adoption of the Constitution, but other early statesmen opposed its ratification. The latter group, writing under pseudonyms, amassed a substantial number of influential essays, speeches, and letters that warned of the dangers inherent in a powerful central government.
Although never collected in as definitive a form as The Federalist Papers, these statements of opposition appeared in various publications and eventually became known as The Anti-Federalist Papers. Some of their arguments were incorporated into the first ten amendments to the Constitution — the Bill of Rights — but others remained unaddressed. The persuasive and well-argued statements encompassed by this volume continue to provide a valuable and timely perspective on the necessary limits of power.

Author Biography

The Anti-Federalist papers were written pseudonymously, but among the most notable are presumed to be Founding Fathers Patrick Henry, George Mason, Richard Henry Lee, James Monroe, George Clinton, and Melancton Smith.

Table of Contents


Constitutional Convention Debate - 1787
Qualifications for Suffrage:August 7, 10
Citizenship for Immigrants: August 9
Slavery and the Constitution: August 21, 22
Election and the Powers of the President: September 4, 5, 6
Opposition to the Constitution: 1787: September 7, 10, 15)
Mason, Randolph, Gerry                                                
Objections to the Constitution of Government formed by the Convention - November 1787: Drafted Sept 15?
George Mason                                                               
Essays/Letters/Addresses – 1787/1788]
Richard Henry Lee, Letter to Edmund Randolph with Objections to the Constitution:- October 16, 1787                                        
"John DeWitt" essays 1-3
22 Oct 1787 / 27 Oct 1787 / 5 Nov 1787                      
Anti-Federalist #1: General Introduction: A Dangerous Plan of Benefit Only to The "Aristocratick Combination" : Boston Gazette and Country Journal, November 26, 1787
Address of the Pennsylvania Minority December 18, 1787         
"Centinel" number I {Anti-Federalist #47}
5 Oct 1787                                                           
"Federal Farmer" letters I and II
 8 Oct 1787 / 9 Oct 1787                                               
"Brutus" essays I, II, VI, IX, X, XI, XII, XV, and XVI:
18 Oct 1787 / 1 Nov 1787 / 27 Dec 1787 / 17 Jan 1788 / 24 Jan 1788 / 31 Jan 1788 / 7 Feb 1788 / 20 March 1788 / 10 April 1788]     
"Cato" letters IV, V, and VII:  8 Nov 1787 / 22 Nov 1787 / 3 Jan 1788      
Patrick Henry Speeches:  June 5 and June 7, 1788   
Melancton Smith Speeches:  June 20-27, 1788                            }

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