Baptist Ways : A History

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2003-06-01
Publisher(s): Judson Pr
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This exhaustive resource traces significant aspects of Baptist history from the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries.

Author Biography

Bill J. Leonard is dean and professor of church history at Wake Forest University Divinity School, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Table of Contents

Foreword xi
Edwin S. Gaustad
Preface xiii
Baptist Ways: Defining a People
Shaping Baptist Distinctives
Theories of Baptist Origins
An Evolving History
Baptist Beginnings: The Historical Context
The Reformation Churches
John Smyth and Baptist Beginnings
Thomas Helwys and the General Baptists
Baptist Identity: Six Principle Baptists
Particular Baptists: Beginnings
The Fifth Monarchy and Persecution
Seventh Day Baptists
Toleration Secured
Baptists in Ireland
Baptists in Scotland
Baptists in Wales
Baptist Identity: The Shape of Things
English Baptists: The Seventeenth Century
Baptists and Church Covenants
A Believers' Church
Associational Relationships
The Ordination of Ministers
Messengers and Deaconesses
Baptist Churches and Discipline
Baptist Worship
Baptist Poets
Concern for the Poor
The Instruction of Children
Baptist Beliefs: Seventeenth-Century Confessions of Faith
Educational Institutions
Baptist Identity Takes Shape
Baptists in the United States: Beginnings
The Puritan Ethos in New England
Baptists in Colonial Culture
Roger Williams: A Restless Founder
John Clarke and Newport
Baptists in New England
Challenging the Establishment: The Half-Way Covenant
Baptist Petitions
Persecution Continues
Baptists in Maine
Internal Controversies
Baptists and the New World
English Baptists: The Eighteenth Century
Baptist Associations
Eighteenth-Century Baptist Church Life
Christo-logical Controversies
Dan Taylor and the New Connection Baptists
Educational Efforts
Calvinism: Debates and Divisions
The Evangelical Calvinists
William Carey and the Mission Movement
Baptists and the British Empire
English Baptists: Identity and Expansion
Baptists in the United States: The Eighteenth Century
Colonial Baptists
Baptists in the Middle Colonies
Baptists in the South
Communities and Congregations
Religious Awakening
Separate Baptist Congregations
Separates in New England
Baptists in New England
Life in the Churches
Music and Hymnody
Baptist Subgroups
Founding a Baptist College
Religious Liberty: Virginia
Baptists and the American Revolution
Missionary Endeavors
Century's End: Theological Controversies
Baptists at the End of the Eighteenth Century
Baptists in Britain: The Nineteenth Century
The Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland
British Baptist Societies
Communion Controversies ... Again
The Nature of the Ordinances
The Nature of the Church
Baptists and Peace Societies
Educational Institutions
Baptist Church Life
Missionary Activities
Back in Britain: Divisions Continue
Baptists in Scotland
British Baptists: Solid Denominationalism
Baptists in the United States: 1800--1845
Baptists on the Frontier
Frontier Churches
Baptist Subdenominations: Regulars and Separates
Baptist Missions in America
Regional Missionary Societies
A National Mission Society
The Society in Baptist Organizational Life
Francis Wayland: The Dilemma of Denominationalism
Baptist State Conventions
Christian Education
Missionary Tales: Developing a Mythology
Home Mission Missionary Work: The Native Americans
Nineteenth-Century Baptist Controversies
The Southern Baptist Convention
A Response to Controversy: Baptist Confessions of Faith
American Baptists at Midcentury
Baptists in the United States: 1845--1900
Baptists and the Civil War
The American Baptist Missionary Union
Women's Missionary Societies
Missionary Appointments
Baptists North and South: Divisions Continue
Southern Baptists Deal with Defeat
Appalachian Baptist Communions
Swedish Baptists in the United States
Norwegian and Danish Baptists in the United States
Seventh Day Baptists: A General Conference Organized
Benoni Stinson and the General Baptists
Italian Baptists
William Miller and the Millerite Movement
Northern Baptist Organizations
Southern Baptist Organizations
Church Order: Baptist Manuals
Baptist Revivals
Baptists and the Social Gospel
Baptists and Racial Issues
Baptists and Immigration
Baptists and Education
Baptists and the Temperance Movement
Baptist Women
Baptists in the Nineteenth Century
Baptists in the Americas and the Caribbean
Baptists in Canada
Baptists in Jamaica and throughout the West Indies
Baptists and Other Caribbean Missions
Baptists in Mexico
Hispanic Baptists in the United States
Baptists in Nicaragua
Baptists in South America
Baptists in the Americas
African American Baptists
Up from Slavery
Early African American Churches
Northern Churches
Theological Issues
The Fortress Monroe Conference and African American Institutions
Educational Institutions
African American Baptist Conventions
African American Baptist Women
African American Baptists and the Civil Rights Movement
African American Baptists: Facing the Future
Baptists in Greater Britain
Baptists in Ireland
Baptists in Scotland
Baptists in Wales
Baptists in Australia
Baptists in New Zealand
Baptists and British Connectionalism
Baptists in Europe
Baptists in Germany
Baptists in Denmark
Baptists in Sweden
Baptists in Finland
Baptists in the Netherlands
Baptists in Norway
Baptists in Italy
Baptists in France
Baptists in Spain
Baptists in Poland
Baptists in Romania
Baptists in Bulgaria
Baptists in Russia
Baptists in the Ukraine
Baptists in Estonia
Baptists in Georgia
Baptists in Europe: A Tenacious Minority
Baptists in Africa and Asia
Baptists in Africa
Baptists in Asia
Baptists in Africa and Asia: Facing the Future
Baptists in the British Isles and Europe: The Twentieth Century
Baptists in the United Kingdom and Ireland
International Connectionalism among Baptists
Baptists in Europe: The Later Twentieth Century
The Twentieth Century: Working Together
Baptists in the United States: The Twentieth Century
The Northern Baptist Convention
The Southern Baptist Convention
Comity Agreements
Evangelistic Efforts
Laymen's Movements
The First World War
Pacifism and the Second World War
Baptists and Fundamentalism: The Early Years of Conflict
Independent Baptists
The Conservative Baptist Association of America
Ethnic/Immigrant Baptist Communions
Ecumenical Relationships
The Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs
The American Baptist Churches USA
Southern Baptists
Public Morality
Civil Rights
Southern Baptist Controversies
Other Baptist Controversies
Baptists in the United States: A New Century
Epilogue 422(5)
Bibliography 427(18)
Index 445

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