Bates' Guide to Physical Examination And History Taking

by ;
Edition: 9th
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 2005-12-09
Publisher(s): LWW
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Now in its Ninth Edition, this classic text provides the best foundation for performing physical examination and taking the patient history. The book features a vibrant full-color design with over 1,400 drawings and photographs and a clear, simple two-column format with examination techniques on the left and abnormalities and interpretations on the right. Highlights of this edition include greater emphasis on patient communication and interview techniques, a new chapter on the older adult, and over 200 new drawings and photographs of abnormalities. A new front-of-book CD-ROM includes videos of head-to-toe examination.

Table of Contents

List of Tablesp. xv
Introductionp. xix
An Overview of Physical Examination and History Takingp. 1
The Health History: Structure and Purposesp. 2
The Comprehensive Adult Health Historyp. 4
Chief Complaint(s)p. 4
Present Illnessp. 4
Past Historyp. 5
Family Historyp. 5
Personal and Social Historyp. 6
Review of Systemsp. 6
The Physical Examination: Approach and Overviewp. 9
The Comprehensive Physical Examinationp. 10
Recording your Findingsp. 13
The Case of Mrs. Np. 14
Learning History Taking and Physical Examinationp. 19
Interviewing and the Health Historyp. 21
Getting Ready: The Approach to the Interviewp. 23
Learning About the Patient: The Process of Interviewingp. 24
Facilitating the Patient's Story: The Techniques of Skilled Interviewingp. 30
Adapting Interviewing Techniques to Specific Situationsp. 34
Special Aspects of Interviewingp. 40
Ethical Considerationsp. 49
Interviewing Patients of Different Agesp. 52
Beginning the Physical Examination: General Survey and Vital Signsp. 59
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 59
The Health Historyp. 62
Health Promotion and Counselingp. 65
Preview: Recording the Physical Examination--The General Survey and Vital Signsp. 66
Techniques of Examinationp. 67
Beginning the Examination: Setting the Stagep. 67
The General Surveyp. 72
The Vital Signsp. 75
Blood Pressurep. 75
Special Problemsp. 79
Heart Rate and Rhythmp. 80
Respiratory Rate and Rhythmp. 81
Temperaturep. 81
The Skinp. 95
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 95
Changes with Agingp. 97
The Health Historyp. 98
Health Promotion and Counseling
Preview: Recording the Physical Examination--The Skinp. 99
Techniques of Examinationp. 100
Skinp. 100
Nailsp. 102
Hairp. 102
Skin Lesions in Contextp. 102
The Head and Neckp. 115
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 115
The Headp. 115
The Eyep. 115
The Earp. 123
The Nose and Paranasal Sinusesp. 125
The Mouth and Pharynxp. 128
The Neckp. 131
Changes With Agingp. 134
The Health Historyp. 136
The Headp. 136
The Eyesp. 137
The Earsp. 138
The Nose and Sinusesp. 139
The Mouth, Throat, and Neckp. 140
Health Promotion and Counseling
Preview: Recording the Physical Examination--The Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat (Heent)p. 143
Techniques of Examinationp. 144
The Headp. 144
The Eyesp. 144
The Earsp. 156
The Nose and Paranasal Sinusesp. 159
The Mouth and Pharynxp. 160
The Neckp. 163
Special Techniquesp. 167
The Thorax and Lungsp. 209
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 209
Changes With Agingp. 216
The Health Historyp. 216
Health Promotion and Counselingp. 218
Preview: Recording the Physical Examination--The Thorax and Lungsp. 219
Techniques of Examinationp. 220
Initial Survey of Respiration and the Thoraxp. 220
Examination of the Posterior Chestp. 221
Examination of the Anterior Chestp. 229
Special Techniquesp. 233
The Cardiovascular Systemp. 245
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 245
Surface Projections of the Heart and Great Vesselsp. 245
Cardiac Chambers, Valves, and Circulationp. 247
Events in the Cardiac Cyclep. 248
The Splitting of Heart Soundsp. 250
Heart Murmursp. 251
Relation of Auscultatory Findings to the Chest Wallp. 252
The Conduction Systemp. 253
The Heart as a Pumpp. 254
Arterial Pulses and Blood Pressurep. 255
Jugular Venous Pressure and Pulsesp. 256
Changes With Agingp. 258
The Health Historyp. 260
Health Promotion and Counselingp. 262
Preview: Recording the Physical Examination--The Cardiovascular Examinationp. 265
Techniques of Examinationp. 266
Jugular Venous Pressure and Pulsationsp. 266
The Carotid Pulsep. 269
The Heartp. 271
A Note on Cardiovascular Assessmentp. 283
Special Techniquesp. 283
The Breasts and Axillaep. 297
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 297
Changes With Agingp. 299
Lymphaticsp. 300
The Health Historyp. 301
Health Promotion and Counselingp. 301
Preview: Recording the Physical Examination--Breasts and Axillaep. 304
Techniques of Examinationp. 305
The Female Breastp. 305
The Male Breastp. 310
The Axillaep. 310
Special Techniquesp. 311
The Abdomenp. 317
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 317
Changes With Agingp. 320
The Health Historyp. 320
The Gastrointestinal Tractp. 321
The Urinary Tractp. 327
Health Promotion and Counselingp. 329
Preview: Recording the Physical Examination--The Abdomenp. 331
Techniques of Examinationp. 332
The Abdomenp. 332
The Liverp. 337
The Spleenp. 340
The Kidneysp. 343
The Bladderp. 344
The Aortap. 344
Special Techniquesp. 345
Male Genitalia and Herniasp. 367
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 367
Changes With Agingp. 369
The Health Historyp. 370
Health Promotion and Counselingp. 371
Preview: Recording the Pelvic Examination--Male Genitalia and Herniasp. 372
Techniques of Examinationp. 373
The Penisp. 373
The Scrotum and Its Contentsp. 374
Herniasp. 375
Special Techniquesp. 376
Female Genitaliap. 383
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 383
Changes With Agingp. 385
The Health Historyp. 386
Health Promotion and Counselingp. 389
Preview: Recording the Pelvic Examination--Female Genitaliap. 390
Techniques of Examinationp. 391
External Examinationp. 393
Internal Examinationp. 394
Herniasp. 400
Special Techniquesp. 400
The Pregnant Womanp. 409
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 409
The Health Historyp. 413
Health Promotion and Counselingp. 414
Preview: Recording the Physical Examination--the Pregnant Womanp. 416
Techniques of Examinationp. 417
General Inspectionp. 418
Vital Signs and Weightp. 418
Head and Neckp. 419
Thorax and Lungsp. 419
Heartp. 419
Breastsp. 419
Abdomenp. 420
Genitalia, Anus, and Rectump. 422
Extremitiesp. 423
Special Techniquesp. 424
Concluding the Visitp. 426
The Anus, Rectum, and Prostatep. 427
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 427
Changes With Agingp. 428
The Health Historyp. 429
Health Promotion and Counselingp. 430
Preview: Recording the Physical Examination--the Anus, Rectum, and Prostatep. 432
Techniques of Examinationp. 433
Malep. 433
Femalep. 436
The Peripheral Vascular Systemp. 441
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 441
Arteriesp. 441
Veinsp. 442
The Lymphatic System and Lymph Nodesp. 444
Fluid Exchange and the Capillary Bedp. 445
Changes With Agingp. 446
The Health Historyp. 446
Health Promotion and Counselingp. 448
Preview: Recording the Physical Examination--the Peripheral Vascular Systemp. 449
Techniques of Examinationp. 450
Armsp. 450
Legsp. 451
Special Techniquesp. 457
The Musculoskeletal Systemp. 465
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 465
Structure and Function of Jointsp. 465
Temporomandibular Jointp. 467
The Shoulderp. 469
The Elbowp. 471
The Wrist and Handsp. 473
The Spinep. 475
The Hipp. 478
The Kneep. 479
The Ankle and Footp. 483
Changes With Agingp. 484
The Health Historyp. 484
Health Promotion and Counselingp. 487
Preview: Recording the Examination--the Musculoskeletal Systemp. 489
Techniques of Examinationp. 490
The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)p. 491
The Shoulderp. 492
The Elbowp. 496
The Wrist and Handp. 497
The Spinep. 501
The Hipp. 506
The Knee and Lower Legp. 511
The Ankle and Footp. 517
Special Techniquesp. 519
The Nervous Systemp. 535
Anatomy and Physiologyp. 535
Central Nervous Systemp. 536
Peripheral Nervous Systemp. 538
Spinal Reflexes: The Deep Tendon Responsep. 540
Motor Pathwaysp. 541
Sensory Pathwaysp. 542
Changes With Agingp. 547
The Health Historyp. 548
Health Promotion and Counselingp. 551
Preview: Recording the Examination--the Nervous Systemp. 554
Techniques of Examinationp. 555
Mental Statusp. 556
The Cranial Nervesp. 567
The Motor Systemp. 571
The Sensory Systemp. 583
Deep Tendon Reflexesp. 586
Special Techniquesp. 592
Assessing Children: Infancy Through Adolescencep. 623
Child Developmentp. 625
Key Principlesp. 625
Infancy: The First Year of Lifep. 626
Early Childhood: 1 Through 4 Yearsp. 628
Middle Childhood: 5 Through 10 Yearsp. 630
Adolescence: 11 Through 20 Yearsp. 631
Health Promotion and Counselingp. 634
Approach to the Examination of Children at Different Agesp. 636
Assessing the Newbornp. 639
Assessing the Infantp. 645
Assessing Early Childhoodp. 649
Assessing Middle Childhoodp. 652
Assessing the Adolescentp. 653
Techniques of Examinationp. 655
General Surveyp. 655
Vital Signsp. 658
The Skinp. 663
The Headp. 666
The Neckp. 670
The Eyep. 672
The Earp. 676
The Nose and Paranasal Sinusesp. 680
The Mouth and Pharynxp. 681
The Thorax and Lungsp. 686
The Heartp. 690
The Breastsp. 699
The Abdomenp. 700
Male Genitaliap. 704
Female Genitaliap. 708
The Rectal Examinationp. 715
The Musculoskeletal Systemp. 715
The Nervous Systemp. 726
Clinical Reasoning, Assessment, and Planp. 783
Assessment and Plan: The Process of Clinical Reasoningp. 783
The Case of Mrs. N: Assessment and Planp. 787
Approaching the Challenges of Clinical Datap. 789
Building Your Case: The Interplay of Clinical Reasoning and Assessment of Clinical Datap. 794
Organizing the Patient Recordp. 795
Clinical Assessment: The Journey to Excellencep. 800
Prevalence and Predictive Valuep. 801
Bibliographyp. 803
Indexp. 825
Table of Contents provided by Rittenhouse. All Rights Reserved.

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