Boys and Girls Learn Differently! : A Guide for Teachers and Parents

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Edition: 2nd
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2010-10-19
Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
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Customer Reviews

Wonderful!  June 5, 2011
Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star

An excellent resource for parents and teachers in understanding the difference in how boys and girls learn. This textbook will help the reader understand how brain research has and should be included in every certified teacher curriculum materials. This one is perhaps the best first textbook to read if you are interested in the subject.

Boys and Girls Learn Differently! : A Guide for Teachers and Parents: 5 out of 5 stars based on 1 user reviews.


A thoroughly revised edition of the classic resource for understanding gender differences in the classroom

In this profoundly significant book, author Michael Gurian has revised and updated his groundbreaking book that clearly demonstrated how the distinction in hard wiring and socialized gender differences affects how boys and girls learn. Gurian presents a proven method to educate our children based on brain science, neurological development, and chemical and hormonal disparities. The innovations presented in this book were applied in the classroom and proven successful, with dramatic improvements in test scores, during a two year study that Gurian and his colleagues conducted in six Missouri school districts.

-Explores the inherent differences between the developmental neuroscience of boys and girls

-Reveals how the brain learns

-Explains when same sex classrooms are appropriate, and when they’re not

This edition includes new information on a wealth of topics including how to design the ultimate classroom for kids in elementary, secondary, middle, and high school.

"Boys and Girls Learn Differently! offers valuable and much-needed tools to provide boys and girls with true equal educational opportunities. The new techniques Michael Gurian presents here will transform our classrooms and the way parents teach their children in very positive ways." -John Gray, author, Children Are from Heaven and Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

"From the beginning of time, parents and sensitive teachers have observed differences in the behavior, learning styles, and focused interests of girls and boys. Defying the political correctness that is today's common wisdom, Gurian and the contributing authors draw on emerging neuroscientific data to justify these perceptions. While never allowing us to lose sight of the reality of individual differences, they suggest creative ways to modify the learning environment to encourage a broader spectrum of achievement in both gender groups." -Edward Zigler, Sterling Professor of Psychology, Yale University, and one of the original planners of the national Head Start program

"Overflowing with challenging ideas and practical advice, Gurian's research offers parents and teachers a true gift-the knowledge and support needed to create dynamic learning environments for both boys and girls." -Ann F. Caron, author of Mothers to Daughters and Strong Mothers, Strong Sons

Author Biography

Michael Gurian is a pioneer and leading authority in gender issues worldwide. The New York Times best-selling author of The Wonder of Boys, The Minds of Boys, The Purpose of Boys, and The Wonder of Girls, he is cofounder of the Gurian Institute, an active research and training organization in the fields of education, family development, and gender studies. Kathy Stevens is executive director of the Gurian Institute and coauthor of five books with Michael, including The Minds of Boys.

Table of Contents

Who We Are and What We Do
How to Use This New Edition
Success Stories Since the Missouri Pilot
Innovating With Single-Sex Options
Moving Forward at the Nexus of Science and Practice
How Boys and Girls Learn Differently
How the Brain Learns: Inherent Differences Between Boys and Girls
The Wide Spectrum of Gender in the Brain
How the Brain Works
How Boys' and Girls' Minds Are Different
Developmental and Structural Differences
Chemical Differences
Hormonal Differences
Functional Differences
Differences in Processing Emotion
Why the Brains Are Different
A Brief History of Brain Difference
The Role of Hormones in the Womb and at Puberty
How Brain-Based Differences Affect Boys and Girls
Areas of Learning-Style Difference
Deductive and Inductive Reasoning
Abstract and Concrete Reasoning
Use of Language
Logic and Evidence
The Likelihood of Boredom
Sensitivity and Group Dynamics
Use of Symbolism
Use of Learning Teams
Learning Differences and the Intelligences
Time and Sequence
Space and Place
Applying the Intelligences to Brain-Based Gender Difference
The State of Boys and Girls in Our Schools
Advantages for Boys, Challenges for Girls
Advantages for Girls, Challenges for Boys
Applying Brain-Based Research to Gender Advantage
Studies Based on Political Assumptions
The Political Search for Workplace Privation
Creating the Ultimate Classroom
Creating the Ultimate Classroom for Both Boys and Girls
Authors' Note
The Ultimate Preschool and Kindergarten Classroom
The Foundation of Early Learning: Bonding and Attachment
Handling Children's Emotional Stress
Bonding and Attachment Solutions
Day Care, Preschool, and Kindergarten Community Building
The Case for Preschool
Parents as Teachers
The Parent Education Coordinator
Nutrition and Learning
Carbohydrates, Proteins, and the School Day
Fatty Acids
Dealing with Aggressive Behavior
Aggression Nurturance
Increasing Empathy Nurturance and Verbalization
Discipline Techniques
The Outdoor Classroom
Directing Boys and Girls to Academic Excellence
Teaching Math and Spatials
Language Development
Special Education
Creating a Tribe: Bonding and School-Home Alliances
Use of Psychotropic Medications
The Ultimate Preschool and Kindergarten Classroom for Both Boys and Girls
For the Boys
For the Girls
Tips for Parents
The Ultimate Elementary School Classroom
Structural Innovations
Use of School Time
Class Size, Number of Teachers, and Teacher-to-Student Ratio
Using Group Dynamics and Group Work as a Basis of Pedagogy
Use of Computers and Other Media in Elementary School
The Outdoor Classroom
Bonding and Attachment in Elementary Learning
Handling Students' Emotional Stress
The Role of the Mentor
Community Collaboration: Mentors from Outside the School
How to Provide Discipline in the Elementary Classroom
Learning from Past Mistakes
Discipline Techniques After an Offending Act
Discipline Techniques to Prevent Undisciplined Behavior
Motivation Techniques
Character Education
Integrating Character Education into the Whole School
Dealing with Cruelty, Hazing, and Violence
Definition of Terms
Zero-Tolerance Policies
Innovations for Academic Excellence
Innovations for Teaching Language Arts, Especially Reading and Writing
Innovations for Teaching Math and Science
Standardized Testing
Special Education, Learning Disabilities, and Behavioral. Disabilities
Class Within a Class
Fast ForWord
Other Spatial Stimulants and Use of Movement
The Multisensory Approach to Reading Problems
Cooperative and Competitive Learning
Sports and Athletics
The Ultimate Elementary Classroom for Both Boys and Girls
For the Boys
For the Girls
Tips for Parents
The Ultimate Middle SchoolClassroom
Structural Innovations
Single-Sex Education
Rites of Passage
Use of Uniforms
Classroom Size and Other Innovations
Bonding and Attachment
The Early Adolescent's Drop in Self-Esteem
Handling Students' Emotional Stresses
Community Collaboration
How to Provide Discipline in the Middle School Classroom
Strategies for Providing Discipline
Mandatory Sports
Character Education
Innovations for Teaching Language Arts and Math and Science
Innovations for Teaching Language Arts
Innovations for Teaching Math and Science
Girls and Computer Science
Special Education
Rethinking Special Education Through the Lens of Gender and the Brain
Innovations for Dealing with Behavioral Elements of Special Ed
The Underachiever as a Special Ed Category
"Mr. Daba": The Power of Bonding
The Ultimate Middle School Classroom for Both Boys and Girls
For the Boys
For the Girls
Tips for Parents
The Ultimate High School Classroom
Bonding and Attachment
Communication and Conflict Resolution
The Art of Mentoring
Peer Leadership, Not Peer Pressure
Discipline Systems
Character Education and Service Projects
Structural Innovations
Class and School Size
Time and Time-of-Day Innovations
The Innovations Students Are Asking For
Rites of Passage
Full Psychosocial Education, Not Just Sex Education
Improving Sex Education
Gender Education
Innovations to Improve Academic Learning
Teaching Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Technology and Gender
Teaching Reading and Literacy
Standardized Testing
Special Education
The Ultimate High School Classroom for Both Boys and Girls
For the Boys
For the Girls
Tips for Parents
What High School Students Are Saying: Their Fears
Parents' Book Study for Boys and Girls Learn Differently!
Teachers' Book Study for Boys and Girls Learn Differently!
The Gurian Institute
The Authors
Table of Contents provided by Publisher. All Rights Reserved.

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