Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind (Fourth Edition)

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Pub. Date: 2013-10-01
Publisher(s): W. W. Norton
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Modeled on the classic Neuroscience Study Program volumes which helped delineate an emerging field, The Cognitive Neurosciences is a major new reference that documents and defines the evolving field of cognitive neuroscience.

Table of Contents

Trophic Interactions and Brain Plasticityp. 9
Molecular and Structural Mechanisms Underlying Long-term Memoryp. 19
The Nature and Nurture of Retinal Ganglion Cell Developmentp. 37
The Reorganization of Sensory and Motor Maps in Adult Mammalsp. 51
Dynamic Properties of Adult Visual Cortexp. 73
Time as Coding Space in Neocortical Processing: A Hypothesisp. 91
Toward a Molecular Basis for Sensory Perceptionp. 105
Corticogenesis in Human and Nonhuman Primatesp. 127
Experimental Approaches that Reveal Principles of Cerebral Cortical Developmentp. 147
Object Perception, Object-directed Action, and Physical Knowledge in Infancyp. 165
Physical Reasoning in Infancyp. 181
Origins of Human Social Competencep. 205
Developmental Specificity in Neurocognitive Development in Humansp. 219
Single-afferent Neurons and Somatic Sensation in Humansp. 237
Neural Mechanisms of Tactile Form Recognitionp. 253
Neural Mechanisms of Auditory Image Formationp. 269
Neural Coding for Auditory Spacep. 279
Processing of Auditory Information Carried by Species-specific Complex Soundsp. 295
Parallel Neural Pathways and Visual Functionp. 315
Functional Compartments in Visual Cortex: Segregation and Interactionp. 325
The Visual Analysis of Shape and Formp. 339
Multiple Cues for Three-dimensional Shapep. 351
Form Analysis in Visual Cortexp. 365
Concurrent Processing in the Primate Visual Cortexp. 383
Visual Motion: Linking Neuronal Activity to Psychophysical Performancep. 401
The Neuron Doctrine in Perceptionp. 415
A Model of Visual Motion Processing in Area MT of Primatesp. 437
Attentional Mechanisms in Visual Cortexp. 451
Open Questions about the Neural Mechanisms of Visual Pattern Recognitionp. 463
Multiple Memory Systems in the Visual Cortexp. 475
Toward a Neurobiology of Coordinate Transformationsp. 495
Motor Cortex and Cognitive Processingp. 507
Coordinate Transformations and Motor Planning in Posterior Parietal Cortexp. 519
Role of Monkey Superior Colliculus in Control of Saccades and Fixationp. 533
Contributions of Vision and Proprioception to Accuracy in Limb Movementsp. 549
The Superior Colliculus: A Window for Viewing Issues in Integrative Neurosciencep. 565
Vector Encoding and the Vestibular Foundations of Spatial Cognition: Neurophysiological and Computational Mechanismsp. 585
Computational Motor Controlp. 597
Attention in Cognitive Neuroscience: An Overviewp. 615
The Neurology of Visual Attentionp. 625
Computational and Anatomical Models of Selective Attention in Object Identificationp. 649
Neural Systems Mediating Selective Attentionp. 665
Neural Mechanisms Mediating Attention and Orientation to Multisensory Cuesp. 683
Arousal Systems and Attentionp. 703
Attention, Intelligence, and the Frontal Lobesp. 721
The Development of Visual Attention: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspectivep. 735
Working Memoryp. 755
Anatomical Basis of Memory Disordersp. 765
Positron Emission Tomography in Cognitive Neuroscience Methodological Constraints, Strategies, and Examples from Learning and Memoryp. 781
Event-Related Potential Studies of Human Memoryp. 789
Memory and Frontal Lobe Functionp. 803
Implicit Memory: A New Frontier for Cognitive Neurosciencep. 815
Memory, Hippocampus, and Brain Systemsp. 825
Organization of Memory: Quo Vadis?p. 839
The Cognitive and Neural Bases of Language Acquisitionp. 855
The Cognitive Neuroscience of Syntactic Processingp. 871
The Structure of Language Processing: Neuropsychological Evidencep. 881
Disorders of Lexical Processing and the Lexiconp. 901
The Neurobiology of the Sound Structure of Languagep. 915
Computational Interpretations of Neurolinguistic Observationsp. 931
Maturation and Learning of Language in the First Year of Lifep. 943
The Neural Bases of Mental Imageryp. 963
Imagery and Memoryp. 977
Relational Complexity and the Functions of Prefrontal Cortexp. 987
Mental Models, Deductive Reasoning, and the Brainp. 999
Working Memory in Humans: Neuropsychological Evidencep. 1009
The Representation of Extrapersonal Space: A Possible Role for Bimodal, Visual-Tactile Neuronsp. 1021
Roles of Imagery in Perception: Or, There Is No Such Thing as Immaculate Perceptionp. 1035
In Search of an Emotional System in the Brain: Leaping from Fear to Emotion and Consciousnessp. 1049
Cellular Mechanisms Active in Emotionp. 1063
Retuning the Brain by Fear Conditioningp. 1071
A Theory of Emotion and Consciousness, and Its Application to Understanding the Neural Basis of Emotionp. 1091
Neurophysiology of the Perception of Intentions by Primatesp. 1107
Stressful Experience, Brain, and Emotions: Developmental, Genetic, and Hormonal Influencesp. 1117
Neurophysiological Networks Integrating Human Emotionsp. 1137
Positron Emission Tomographic Imaging Studies of Human Emotional Disordersp. 1153
A Model of the Limbic System and Basal Ganglia: Applications to Anxiety and Schizophreniap. 1165
Mapping the Evolved Functional Organization of Mind and Brainp. 1185
From Function to Structure: The Role of Evolutionary Biology and Computational Theories in Cognitive Neurosciencep. 1199
Does Evolutionary Theory Predict Sex Differences in the Brain?p. 1211
The Argument from Animals to Humans in Cognitive Neurosciencep. 1227
Evolution of the Human Brain: A Neuroanatomical Perspectivep. 1243
The Replacement of General-Purpose Theories with Adaptive Specializationsp. 1255
Discriminative Parental Solicitude and the Relevance of Evolutionary Models to the Analysis of Motivational Systemsp. 1269
Consciousness and the Neurosciences: Philosophical and Theoretical Issuesp. 1295
Cognitive Aspects of Consciousnessp. 1307
Models of Consciousness: Serial or Parallel in the Brain?p. 1321
Consciousness in Dyschiriap. 1331
Models of Consciousness and Memoryp. 1341
Escape from Linear Time: Prefrontal Cortex and Conscious Experiencep. 1357
The Conscious State Paradigm: A Neurocognitive Approach to Waking, Sleeping, and Dreamingp. 1373
Consciousness and the Cerebral Hemispheresp. 1391
Contributorsp. 1401
Indexp. 1405
Table of Contents provided by Blackwell. All Rights Reserved.

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