Davis Advantage for Maternal-Child Nursing Care, 3rd Edition

by ;
Edition: 3rd
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2021-10-19
Publisher(s): F.A. Davis Company
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Davis Advantage for Maternal-Child Nursing Care combines an innovative text with an immersive online program that make this challenging but must-know content easier to master by making learning personal. Together, they create a seamless experience that tracks each student’s progress and assesses their knowledge until they have mastered the concepts and are ready to apply them in class, clinical, and practice.

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Streamlined, redesigned, and revised by a new author team, the 3rd Edition of this AJN Book-of-the-Year Award winner offers the perfect balance of maternal and child nursing care with the right depth and breadth of coverage for students in today’s maternity/pediatric courses. And, it’s accompanied by six online bonus chapters covering the role of the nurse in promoting women’s health.

A unique emphasis on optimizing outcomes, evidence-based practice, and research supports the goal of caring for women, families, and children, not only in traditional hospital settings, but also wherever they live, work, study, or play. Clear, concise, and easy to follow, the content is organized around four major themes, holistic care, critical thinking, validating practice, and tools for care that help students to learn and apply the material. 


Using a unique and proven approach across a Learn-Apply-Assess continuum, Davis Advantage engages students and helps them make the connections to key topics. Whether teaching in-person or online, this complete, integrated solution aligns seamlessly with the textbook and equips instructors with actionable analytics to track students’ progress, remediate where needed, and facilitate an active learning environment.

  • LEARN—Personalized Learning
    The foundation of the Davis Advantage platform, Personalized Learning
    , immerses students in an online learning experience tailored to their needs. Students are assessed on their comprehension of key topics from the text, and then are guided through animated mini-lecture videos and dynamic activities to reinforce learning and bring concepts to life.
  • APPLY—Clinical Judgment
    Clinical Judgment
    develops students’ critical thinking and clinical reasoning, helping them to build the clinical judgment skills they need to practice safe and effective nursing care and to prepare for the Next Generation NCLEX® with confidence. Progressive case studies featuring real-life, complex clinical situations challenge students to apply knowledge, make informed decisions, and evaluate outcomes.
  • ASSESS—Quizzing
    Quizzing uses NCLEX®-style questions for assessment and remediation. Its adaptive, question-based format provides the additional practice students need to test their knowledge, master course content, and perform well on course and board exams.

Table of Contents

I.Foundations in the Nursing Care of Maternal, Family, and Child Care
1.Core Concepts of Maternal and Pediatric Healthcare Across the Continuum
II.The Process of Human Reproduction
3.Conception and Development of the Embryo and Fetus
III.The Prenatal Journey
4.Physiological and Psychosocial Changes During Pregnancy
5.Promoting a Healthy Pregnancy
6.Caring for the Woman Experiencing Complications During Pregnancy
IV.The Birth Experience
7.The Process of Labor and Birth
8.Caring for the Woman Experiencing Complications During Labor and Birth
V.Care of the New Family
9.Physiological Transition of the Newborn
10.Caring for the Newborn at Risk
11.Caring for the Postpartal Woman and Her Family
12.Caring for the Woman Experiencing Complications During the Postpartal Period
VI.Foundations in Nursing Care of Children
13.Caring for the Developing Child
14.Developmentally Appropriate Nursing Care Across Care Settings
15.Caring for the Child With a Respiratory Condition  
16.Caring for the Child With a Gastrointestinal Condition  
17.Caring for the Child With a Cardiovascular Condition  
18.Caring for the Child With an Immunological or Infectious Condition  
19.Caring for the Child With an Endocrinological or Metabolic Condition  
20.Caring for the Child With a Neurological or Sensory Condition  
21.Caring for the Child With a Musculoskeletal Condition  
22.Caring for the Child With an Integumentary Condition  
23.Caring for the Child With a Genitourinary Condition  
24.Caring for the Child With a Hematological Condition  
25.Caring for the Child With a Cognitive or Psychosocial Impairment
26.Caring for the Child With Cancer  
27.Caring for the Child with a Chronic Condition, Disability, or End-of-Life Care
A.Centigrade to Fahrenheit Temperature Conversions
B.Expected Temperatures in Children

Online Only (in the eBook)
VII.Women’s Health
28.Promoting the Safety of Women and Families
29.Promoting Premenstrual, Perimenopausal, and Menopausal Health
30.Promoting Breast Health
31.Promoting Reproductive Health: Various Gynecological Disorders
32.Promoting Reproductive Health: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
33.Promoting Reproductive Health: Common Reproductive Cancers

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