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Edition: 5th
Format: Paperback w/ Access Code
Pub. Date: 2020-02-03
Publisher(s): Sinauer Associates is an imprint of Oxford University Press
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The bestselling textbook for undergraduate ecology courses, Ecology is an easy-to-read and well-organized text for instructors and students to explore the basics of the field. Bowman and Hacker motivate students with an engaging case study-driven, conceptual approach that highlights relevant applications and data-driven examples. The new fifth edition is available in a dynamic and interactive Enhanced eBook at an affordable price.

Author Biography

William D. Bowman is Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Director of the Mountain Research Station at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Sally D. Hacker is Professor of Integrative Biology at Oregon State University, Corvallis.

Table of Contents

1. The Web of Life

Unit 1: Organisms and Their Environment

2. The Physical Environment
3. The Biosphere
4. Coping with Environmental Variation: Temperature and Water
5. Coping with Environmental Variation: Energy
Unit 2: Evolutionary Ecology

6. Evolution and Ecology
7. Life History
8. Behavioral Ecology

Unit 3: Populations

9. Population Distribution and Abundance
10. Population Dynamics
11. Population Growth and Regulation

Unit 4: Species Interactions

12. Predation
13. Parasitism
14. Competition
15. Mutualism and Commensalism

Unit 5: Communities

16. The Nature of Communities
17. Change in Communities
18. Biogeography
19. Species Diversity in Communities

Unit 6: Ecosystems

20. Production
21. Energy Flow and Food Webs
22. Nutrient Supply and Cycling

Unit 7: Applied and Large-Scale Ecology

23. Conservation Biology
24. Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Management
25. Global Ecology

Appendix: Some Metric Measurements Used in Ecology

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