EVERYDAY PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS: Health, Elections, Gambling and War

Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 2008-07-30
Publisher(s): World Scientific Pub Co Inc
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Probability and statistics impinge on the life of the average person in a variety of ways - as is suggested by the title of this book. Very often, information is provided that is factually accurate but intended to present a biased view. This book presents the important results of probability and statistics without making heavy mathematical demands on the reader. It should enable an intelligent reader to properly assess statistical information and to understand that the same information can be presented in different ways. Book jacket.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
The Nature of Probabilityp. 5
Probability and Everyday Speechp. 5
Spinning a Coinp. 6
Throwing or Spinning Other Objectsp. 8
Problems 1p. 10
Combining Probabilitiesp. 13
Either-or Probabilityp. 13
Both-and Probabilityp. 15
Genetically Inherited Disease - Just Gene Dependentp. 16
Genetically Dependent Disease - Gender Dependentp. 19
A Dice Game - American Crapsp. 21
Problems 2p. 23
A Day at the Racesp. 25
Kinds of Probabilityp. 25
Betting on a Horsep. 27
The Best Conditions for a Punterp. 31
Problem 3p. 33
Making Choices and Selectionsp. 35
Children Leaving a Roomp. 35
Picking a Teamp. 37
Choosing an Email Usernamep. 40
The UK National Lotteryp. 41
Problems 4p. 44
Non-Intuitive Examples of Probabilityp. 45
The Birthday Problemp. 45
Crown and Anchorp. 49
To Switch or Not to Switch - That is the Questionp. 52
Problems 5p. 54
Probability and Healthp. 55
Finding the Best Treatmentp. 55
Testing Drugsp. 58
Problems 6p. 64
Combining Probabilities; The Craps Game Revealedp. 67
A Simple Probability Machinep. 67
Pontoon - A Card Gamep. 70
The Throwers Chance of Winning at American Crapsp. 72
Problems 7p. 75
The UK National Lottery, Loaded Dice, and Crooked Wheelsp. 77
The Need to Test for Fairnessp. 77
Testing Random Numbersp. 79
The UK National Lotteryp. 82
American Craps with Loaded Dicep. 84
Testing for a Loaded Diep. 89
The Roulette Wheelp. 91
Problems 8p. 93
Block Diagramsp. 95
Variation in Almost Everythingp. 95
A Shoe Manufacturerp. 96
Histogram Shapesp. 99
Lofty and Shortyp. 101
Problem 9p. 104
The Normal (or Gaussian) Distributionp. 105
Probability Distributionsp. 105
The Normal Distributionp. 108
The Variance and Standard Deviationp. 110
Properties of Normal Distributionsp. 111
A Little Necessary Mathematicsp. 114
Some Special Numbersp. 114
Powers of Numbersp. 115
The Form of the Normal Distributionp. 117
Random and Systematic Errorsp. 117
Some Examples of the Normal Distributionp. 119
Electric Light Bulbsp. 119
People on Trolleys and Under-Used Resourcesp. 120
Problems 10p. 123
Statistics - The Collection and Analysis of Numerical Datap. 125
Too Much Informationp. 125
Another Way of Finding the Variancep. 126
From Regional to National Statisticsp. 127
Problems 11p. 130
The Poisson Distribution and Death by Horse Kicksp. 131
Rare Eventsp. 131
Typing a Manuscriptp. 133
The Poisson Distribution as a Formulap. 135
Death by Horse Kicksp. 137
Some Other Examples of the Poisson Distributionp. 139
Flying Bomb Attacks on Londonp. 139
Clustering of a Diseasep. 141
Some Further Examplesp. 142
Problems 12p. 143
Predicting Voting Patternsp. 145
Election Pollsp. 145
Polling Statisticsp. 146
Combining Polling Samplesp. 149
Polling with More than Two Partiesp. 151
Factors Affecting Polls and Votingp. 153
Problems 13p. 154
Taking Samples - How Many Fish in the Pond?p. 155
Why do we Sample?p. 155
Finding out from Samplesp. 156
An Illustrative Examplep. 158
General Comments on Samplingp. 160
Quality Controlp. 160
How Many Fish in the Pond?p. 162
Problems 14p. 164
Differences - Rats and IQsp. 165
The Significance of Differencesp. 165
Significantly Different - So What!p. 167
Problem 15p. 170
Crime is Increasing and Decreasingp. 171
Crime and the Reporting of Crimep. 171
The Trend for Overall Crime in England and Walesp. 172
Vehicle Crime, Burglary, and Violent Crimep. 174
Homicidep. 177
Crime and Politiciansp. 179
Problem 16p. 181
My Uncle Joe Smoked 60 a Dayp. 183
Genetics and Diseasep. 183
The Incidence of Smoking in the United Kingdomp. 185
The Smoking Lotteryp. 187
Problem 17p. 189
Chance, Luck, and Making Decisionsp. 191
The Winds of Chancep. 191
Choicesp. 194
I Want a Lucky Generalp. 195
To Fight or Not to Fight - That is the Questionp. 197
The Mathematics of Warp. 200
Problem 18p. 204
Solutions to Problemsp. 205
Indexp. 221
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