Fluids & Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy!

Edition: 6th
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2015-03-03
Publisher(s): LWW
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Get all the basics on fluids and electrolytes, with the newest edition of the one-and-only Fluids and Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy!

Backed by plenty of real-world examples, this popular guide is full of clear definitions, practical patient care info, and on-the-job how-to. Humor, illustrations, and a fun and easygoing style make it the most enjoyable way to absorb the science, concepts and real-world patient care skills. Gain the fluids and electrolytes knowledge and skills you need—in an incredibly easy way!

Get the lowdown on fluids and electrolytes, with. . .
• NEW! All content fully updated
• Easy-to-follow definitions for fluid-related concepts
• Science of fluids and electrolytes offered in clear terms, as they relate to patient care
• Fluid types and fluid movements in different body systems
• How hormones and other elements affect fluid balance, losses and gains
• Nurse Joy and Nurse Jake explain key concepts in clear terms, offer important care reminders, and keep it light
• Plenty of patient care examples, including common fluids-related diagnoses, appropriate patient outcomes, and basis for each recommended treatment
• Four easy sections:
    o Balancing Basics - Balancing fluids; balancing electrolytes; balancing acids and bases
    o Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalances – Imbalances in: fluids; sodium; potassium; magnesium: calcium; phosphorus; chloride; and acids and bases
    o Disorders that Cause Imbalances – Heat-related illnesses; heart failure; respiratory failure; excessive GI fluid loss; acute pancreatitis; renal failure and burns  
    o Treating Imbalances – IV fluid replacement; total parenteral nutrition

• Fun drawings and cartoons make skills and concepts easy to remember  
• Plenty of quick-scan tables, illustrations, and flow charts offer key info
• Great refresher for new nursing grads and experienced nurses looking to renew their fluids and electrolytes knowledge

• Illustrated features in each chapter include:
    o Memory joggers – Simple tricks for remembering crucial info
    o Caution – Danger signs and symptoms, so you can recognize trouble right away
    o It’s not working – Alternative interventions, for when patient outcomes are not what you expected o Chart smart – Critical items you need to document
    o Teaching points – Clear patient-teaching tips to help your patients prevent recurrence of the problem
    o Ages and stages – Common fluid and electrolyte issues to watch for in very young and elderly patients
    o Just the facts – Brief outline of content at start of every chapter
    o Quick Quiz – NCLEX practice questions at end of every chapter  
    o That’s a wrap! – Summary at end of every chapter

Table of Contents

Contributors and consultants                                                                          
Not another boring foreword                                                                         
Part I                     Balancing basics                                                                   
                1          Balancing fluids                                                                       
                2          Balancing electrolytes                                                            
                3          Balancing acids and bases                                                    
Part II                    Fluid and electrolyte imbalances                                       
                4          When fluids tip the balance                                                   
                5          When sodium tips the balance                                               
                6          When potassium tips the balance                                          
                7          When magnesium tips the balance                                        
                8          When calcium tips the balance                                             
                9          When phosphorus tips the balance                                       
              10          When chloride tips the balance                                             
              11          When acids and bases tip the balance                                 
Part III                   Disorders that cause imbalances                                    
              12          Heat-related illnesses                                                           
              13          Heart failure                                                                        
              14          Respiratory failure                                                               
              15          Excessive GI fluid loss                                                         
              16          Acute pancreatitis                                                                
              17          Renal failure                                                                        
              18          Burns                                                                                 
Part IV                   Treating imbalances                                                        
              19          I.V. fluid replacement                                                          
              20          Total parenteral nutrition                                                      
Appendices and index                                                                                 
Common fluid and electrolyte imbalances in pediatric patients                          
Common fluid and electrolyte imbalances in elderly patients                             
Transfusing blood and selected components                                                    
Practice makes perfect                                                                                   

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