Forages, Volume 2 The Science of Grassland Agriculture

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Edition: 7th
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 2020-08-24
Publisher(s): Wiley-Blackwell
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Forages: The Science of Grassland Agriculture, 7th Edition, Volume II will extensively evaluate the current knowledge and information on forage agriculture.

Chapters written by leading researchers and authorities in grassland agriculture are aggregated under section themes, each one representing a major topic within grassland science and agriculture. This 7th edition will include two new additional chapters covering all aspects of forage physiology in three separate chapters, instead of one in previous editions. Chapters will be updated throughout to include new information that has developed since the last edition.

This new edition of the classic reference serves as a comprehensive supplement to An Introduction to Grassland Agriculture, Volume I.

Author Biography

Contributing Authors

Paul Adler

Montgomery W. Alison

L. Niel Allen

David J. Barker

Vern S. Baron

Giles Bélanger

David P. Belesky

Geoffrey E. Brink

Sylvie M. Brouder

E. Charles Brummer

G. David Buntin

Michael D. Casler

Kimberly A. Cassida

Debbie J. Cherney

Jerome H. Cherney

Wayne K. Coblentz

Robert C. Cochran

Michael Collins

Steven W. Culman

Matthew Digman

Tim DelCurto

Gerald W. Evers

Steven L. Fales

E. Scott Flynn

Jamie F. Foster

John A. Guretzky

Richard J. Grant

Mary Beth Hall

Marvin H. Hall

Dennis W. Hancock

Keith R. Harmoney

Ronald D. Hatfield

John R. Hendrickson

Nicholas S. Hill

John A. Jennings

Jacob M. Jungers

Robert L. Kallenbach

Kenneth Kalscheur

Douglas L. Karlen

Limin Kung, Jr.

William O. Lamp

Greg Lardy

Karen L. Launchbaugh

Andrew W. Lenssen

Mark A. Liebig

Jennifer W. MacAdam

Bisoondat Macoon

Neal P. Martin

Robert A. Masters



Tim A. McAllister

David R. Mertens

Robert B.  Mitchell

Corey Moffet

Kenneth J. Moore

Richard E. Muck

James P. Muir

C. Jerry Nelson

Yoana C. Newman

Renata Nave Oakes

John F. Obrycki

David Parsons

Carlos G.S. Pedreira

Valentín D. Picasso Risso

William D. Pitman

Daniel H. Putnam

Daren D. Redfearn

Gabriel Ribeiro

Esteban F. Rios

Craig A. Roberts

C. Alan Rotz

Michael P. Russelle

Matt A. Sanderson

Craig C. Sheaffer

Kevin J. Shinners

Byron B. Sleugh

Alexander J. Smart

Lynn E. Sollenberger

Tim L. Springer

Kim Stanford

Jeffrey J. Steiner

R. Mark Sulc

Eric S. Vanzant

João M.B. Vendramini

Kenneth P. Vogel

Jeffrey J. Volenec

John W. Walker

Yuxi Wang

Zeng-Yu Wang

Marcelo O. Wallau

Richard Waterman

David A. Wedin

William P. Weiss

Jessica A. Williamson



Table of Contents

Preface xiii

List of Contributors xv

Dedication xxi

Part I Forage Plants 1

1 Perspectives, Terminology, and Classification 3
C. Jerry Nelson, Professor Emeritus, Kenneth J. Moore, Distinguished Professor, Michael Collins, Professor Emeritus and Daren D. Redfearn, Associate Professor

2 Grass Morphology 23
C. Jerry Nelson, Professor Emeritus and Kenneth J. Moore, Distinguished Professor

3 Legume Structure and Morphology 51
John Jennings, Professor and Jamie Foster, Professor

4 Carbon Metabolism in Forage Plants 65
Jeffrey J. Volenec, Professor and C. Jerry Nelson, Professor Emeritus

5 Mineral Nutrient Acquisition and Metabolism 85
Sylvie M. Brouder, Wickersham Chair and Professor and Jeffrey J. Volenec, Professor

6 Plant-Water Relations in Forage Crops 113
Jennifer W. MacAdam, Professor and C. Jerry Nelson, Professor Emeritus

7 Growth and Development 127
Robert B. Mitchell, Research Agronomist, Daren D. Redfearn, Associate Professor and Kenneth J. Moore, Distinguished Professor

Part II Forage Ecology 149

8 Climate, Climate-Change and Forage Adaptation 151
Vern S. Baron, Research Scientist and Gilles Bélanger, Research Scientist

9 Plant Interactions 187
John A. Guretzky, Grassland Systems Ecologist

10 Plant-Herbivore Interactions 201
Lynn E. Sollenberger, Distinguished Professor and Marcelo O. Wallau, Associate Professor

11 Nutrient Cycling in Forage Production Systems 215
David A. Wedin, Professor and Michael P. Russelle, Soil Scientist (Retired)

12 Forages for Conservation and Improved Soil Quality 227
John F. Obrycki, ORISE Fellow and Douglas L. Karlen, Soil Scientist (Retired)

13 Forages and the Environment 249
Matt A. Sanderson, Research Agronomist and Research Leader (Retired) and Mark A. Liebig, Soil Scientist

Part III Forage Species 261

14 Cool-Season Legumes for Humid Areas 263
Craig C. Sheaffer, Professor, Gerald W. Evers, Professor Emeritus and Jacob M. Jungers, Associate Professor

15 Legumes for Tropical and Subtropical Areas 277
William D. Pitman, Professor and João M.B. Vendramini, Associate Professor

16 Cool-Season Grasses for Humid Areas 297
Michael D. Casler, Research Geneticist, Robert L. Kallenbach, Associate Dean and Geoffrey E. Brink, Research Agronomist

17 Grasses for Arid and Semiarid Areas 313
Daren D. Redfearn, Associate Professor, Keith R. Harmoney, Range Scientist and Alexander J. Smart, Professor and Rangeland Management Specialist

18 Warm-Season Grasses for Humid Areas 331
Lynn E. Sollenberger, Distinguished Professor, João M.B. Vendramini, Associate Professor, Carlos G.S. Pedreira, Associate Professor and Esteban F. Rios

19 Forbs and Browse Species 347
David P. Belesky, Clinical Associate & Director, John W. Walker, Professor and Resident Director, Kimberly A. Cassida, Forage Extension Specialist and James P. Muir, Professor

Part IV Forage Systems 367

20 Systems for Temperate Humid Areas 369
Jerome H. Cherney, Professor, Robert L. Kallenbach, Associate Dean and Valentín D. Picasso Risso, Assistant Professor

21 Forage Systems for the Temperate Subhumid and Semiarid Areas 387
John R. Hendrickson, Research Rangeland Management Specialist and Corey Moffet, Research Rangeland Management Specialist

22 Systems for theWarm Humid Areas 407
William D. Pitman, Professor and Montgomery W. Alison, Extension Forage Specialist

23 Systems for Humid Transition Areas 419
Renata N. Oakes, Assistant Professor and Dennis W. Hancock, Center Director

24 Forage Systems for Arid Areas 433
Daniel H. Putnam, Forage Extension Specialist and Tim DelCurto, Professor and Nancy Cameron Chair

Part V Forage Production and Management 453

25 Forage Establishment and Renovation 455
Marvin H. Hall, Professor, Yoana C. Newman, Associate Professor and Jessica A. Williamson, Assistant Professor

26 Fertilization and Nutrient Management 473
David J. Barker, Professor and Steven W. Culman, Professor

27 Irrigation andWater Management 497
L. Niel Allen, Associate Professor and Irrigation Specialist and Jennifer W. MacAdam, Professor of Plants, Soils and Climate

28 Weed Management 515
Robert A. Masters, Rangeland Scientist (Retired), Byron B. Sleugh, Forage Agronomist and E. Scott Flynn, Forage Agronomist

29 Insect Management 535
R. Mark Sulc, Professor, William O. Lamp, Professor and G. David Buntin, Professor

Part VI Forage Improvement 551

30 Forage Breeding 553
Michael D. Casler, Research Geneticist and Kenneth P. Vogel, Research Geneticist (retired)

31 Biotechnology and Molecular Approaches to Forage Improvement 567
E. Charles Brummer, Professor and Zeng-Yu Wang, Professor

32 Seed Production 581
Jeffrey J. Steiner, Associate Director and Tim L. Springer, Research Agronomist

Part VII Forage Quality 593

33 Carbohydrate and Protein Nutritional Chemistry of Forages 595
Ronald D. Hatfield, Research Plant Physiologist and Kenneth F. Kalscheur, Research Dairy Scientist

34 Digestibility and Intake 609
David R. Mertens, President and Research Dairy Scientist (Retired) and Richard J. Grant, President and Research Scientist

35 Plant Chemistry and Antiquality Components in Forage 633
Nicholas S. Hill, Professor and Craig A. Roberts, Professor

36 Laboratory Methods for Evaluating Forage Quality 659
William P. Weiss, Professor and Mary Beth Hall, Research Animal Scientist

37 Animal Methods for Evaluating Forage Quality 673
Eric S. Vanzant, Associate Professor, Robert C. Cochran, Professor and Wayne K. Coblentz, Research Dairy Scientist/Agronomist

38 Predicting Forage Quality 687
Debbie J. Cherney, Professor and David Parsons, Professor

39 Factors Affecting Forage Quality 701
Kenneth J. Moore, Charles F. Curtiss, Distinguished Professor, Andrew W. Lenssen, Professor and Steven L. Fales, Emeritus Professor

Part VIII Forage Harvesting and Utilization 719

40 Post-Harvest Physiology 721
Wayne K. Coblentz, Research Dairy Scientist/Agronomist

41 Hay Harvest and Storage 749
C. Alan Rotz, Agricultural Engineer, Kevin J. Shinners, Professor and Matthew Digman, Assistant Professor

42 Silage Production 767
Richard E. Muck, Agricultural Engineer, Limin Kung Jr., Professor and Michael Collins, Professor and Director Emeritus

43 Biomass, Energy, and Industrial Uses of Forages 789
Matt A. Sanderson, Research Agronomist and Research Leader (Retired), Paul Adler, Research Agronomist and Neal P. Martin, Director (Retired)

Part IX Pasture Management 801

44 Pasture Design and Grazing Management 803
Lynn E. Sollenberger, Distinguished Professor, Yoana C. Newman, Associate Professor and Bisoondat Macoon, Research Professor

45 Grazing Animal Nutrition 815
Gregory Lardy, Department Head and Richard Waterman, Research Animal Scientist

46 Grazing Animal Behavior 827
Karen L. Launchbaugh, Heady Professor

47 Forage-Induced Animal Disorders 839
Tim A. McAllister, Principal Research Scientist, Gabriel Ribeiro, Assistant Professor, Kim Stanford, Research Scientist and Yuxi Wang, Research Scientist

48 Grazing Systems and Strategies 861
Michael Collins, Professor and Director Emeritus, Kenneth J. Moore, Distinguished Professor, C. Jerry Nelson, Professor Emeritus and Daren D. Redfearn, Associate Professor

Common and Scientific Names of Forages 883

Glossary 893

Index 919

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