Handbook of Personality Assessment

by ;
Edition: 2nd
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 2017-04-03
Publisher(s): Wiley
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The Handbook of Personality Assessment provides comprehensive guidance on the administration, scoring, and interpretation of the most widely-used instruments. Written by two of the field's foremost authorities, this well-balanced guide blends theory and application to provide a foundational reference for both graduate students and professionals. Updated to reflect the most current advances, this second edition includes new chapters on the Minnesota Personality Inventory-Restructured Form and the Rorschach Performance Assessment System, along with in-depth coverage of the MMPI-2, MMPI-2-A, MCMI-IV, PAI, NEO-PI-R, Rorschach Comprehensive System, TAT, and Figure Drawing and Sentence Completion Methods. Each instrument is discussed in terms of its history, administration, scoring, validity, assessment, interpretation, applications, and psychometric foundations, and other chapters address ethical considerations and provide general guidelines in the assessment process.

Personality assessments guide recommendations in a broad range of clinical, health care, forensic, educational, and organizational settings. This book delves deeply into the nature and appropriate use of the major assessment instruments, with authoritative insight and practical guidance.

  • Review the latest concepts, research, and practices
  • Administer, score, and interpret the most widely-used instruments
  • Understand the psychometric foundations of personality assessment
  • Access downloadable sample reports that illustrate software interpretation

An individual's nature and disposition can be assessed in several ways. This book focuses on standardized psychological tests that assess personality characteristics and indicate how a person is likely to think, feel, and act. The results can only be as accurate as the process, from assessment selection and administration, to scoring, interpretation, and beyond. The Handbook of Personality Assessment is an invaluable resource for every stage of the process, with a practical focus and advice from two leading experts.

Author Biography

Irving B. Weiner, PhD, is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and behavioral Medicine at the University of South Florida and former Director of Psychological Services at the University of South Florida Psychiatry Center in Tampa, Florida. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and of the Association for Psychological Science, a Diplomat of the American board of Professional Psychology in both Clinical and Forensic Psychology, and a licensed psychologist in the state of Florida and is in the practice of clinical and forensic psychology. He is the author of numerous articles and books, and Editor-in-Chief of the 12-volume Handbook of Psychology.

Roger L. Greene, PhD, is a professor at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology in Palo Alto, California, where he served as Director of Clinical Training for twelve years. Dr. Greene has worked in a variety of clinical settings and with different types of patients in his clinical career. His particular area of interest is the assessment and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. He has written a number of texts and articles on the use of the MMPI-2.

Table of Contents

Preface xiii

About the Authors xv

Part 1: Basic Considerations

Chapter 1 History of Personality Assessment 3

Early Events 3

Emergence of Personality Psychology 5

World War II and the Expansion of Clinical Psychology 5

Trends Over Time: Shrinkage and Growth 6

Concluding Comments 9

References 12

Chapter 2 The Personality Assessment Process 15

Purposes of Personality Assessment 15

Preparing for Personality Assessments 16

Conducting Personality Assessments 21

Interpreting Personality Assessment Data 23

Reporting Personality Assessment Findings 29

References 33

Chapter 3 Psychometric Foundations of Assessment 37

Reliability 37

Validity 41

Clinical Decision Making 43

Impediments to Accurate Decisions 53

Concluding Comments 55

References 56

Chapter 4 Ethical Considerations in Personality Assessment 59

Student Disclosure of Personal Information (7.04) 60

Bases for Assessments (9.01) 60

Use of Assessments (9.02) 60

Informed Consent in Assessments (9.03) 62

Release of Test Data (9.04) 63

Interpreting Assessment Results (9.06) 63

Assessment by Unqualified Persons (9.07) 64

Obsolete Tests and Outdated Test Results (9.08) 66

Test Scoring and Interpretation Services (9.09) 66

Explaining Assessment Results (9.10) 67

Maintaining Test Security (9.11) 68

Training Students in Personality Assessment 68

Diversity Issues 69

Concluding Comments 72

References 72

Part 2: Self-Report Inventories

Chapter 5 Overview 77

Nature of Self-Report Inventories 77

Item Characteristics 79

Administration and Scoring 85

Method of Scale Development 90

Validity Assessment 92

The Process of Interpretation 101

Future Directions for Assessment with Self-Report Inventories 102

Summary 103

References 103

Chapter 6 Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 105

History 105

Administration 109

Scoring 110

Validity 111

Interpretation 116

Applications 153

Psychometric Foundations 154

Concluding Comments 156

References 156

Chapter 7 Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-Adolescent 161

History 161

Administration 165

Scoring 165

Validity 166

Interpretation 170

Applications 190

Psychometric Foundations 192

Concluding Comments 193

References 193

Chapter 8 Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2-Restructured Form 197

History 197

Administration 200

Scoring 200

Validity 201

Interpretation 207

Applications 220

Psychometric Foundations 223

MMPI-Adolescent-Restructured Form (MMPI-A-RF) 224

Concluding Comments 225

References 227

Chapter 9 Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV 231

History 232

Administration 236

Scoring 236

Validity 238

Interpretation 241

Applications 253

Psychometric Foundations 254

Concluding Comments 254

References 255

Chapter 10 Personality Assessment Inventory 257

History 257

Administration 261

Scoring 261

Validity 262

Interpretation 267

Applications 281

Psychometric Foundations 282

Adolescent Version of the PAI 283

Concluding Comments 284

References 284

Chapter 11 NEO Personality Inventory-3 287

History 287

Administration 289

Scoring 289

Validity 291

Interpretation 295

Applications 303

Psychometric Foundations 304

Concluding Comments 306

References 306

Part 3: Performance-Based Measures

Chapter 12 Rorschach Comprehensive System 311

Nature of the Rorschach Comprehensive System 311

History 312

Administration 316

Coding and Scoring 318

Interpretation: Structural Variables 325

Interpretation: Thematic Variables 339

Interpretation: Behavioral Variables 341

Interpretation: Card Pull 344

Applications 348

Psychometric Foundations 355

References 363

Chapter 13 Rorschach Performance Assessment System 369

Nature of the Rorschach Performance Assessment System 369

History 370

Administration 370

Coding and Scoring 373

Interpretation 385

Applications 386

Psychometric Foundations 387

References 389

Chapter 14 Thematic Apperception Test 391

Nature of the Thematic Apperception Test 391

History 393

Administration 396

Coding 399

Interpretation: Card Pull 401

Interpretation: Story Meaning 417

Applications 422

Psychometric Foundations 425

References 427

Chapter 15 Figure-Drawing Methods 433

Nature and History of Figure-Drawing Methods 433

Administration and Scoring 436

Interpretation 439

Applications 447

Psychometric Foundations 450

References 455

Chapter 16 Sentence Completion Methods 459

Nature of Sentence Completion Methods 460

History 461

Administration 464

Scoring 465

Interpretation 466

Applications 471

Psychometric Foundations 474

References 475

Part 4: Appendices: Computer-Generated Interpretive Reports

Appendix A Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 481

Appendix B Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-Adolescent 537

Appendix C Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2-Restructured Form 581

Appendix D Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV 619

Appendix E Personality Assessment Inventory 631

Appendix F NEO Personality Inventory-3 673

Appendix G Rorschach Comprehensive System 697

Appendix H Rorschach Performance Assessment System 711

Subject Index 733

Author Index 741

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