Interior Design Visual Presentation: A Guide to Graphics, Models and Presentation Methods

Edition: 5th
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2018-05-08
Publisher(s): Wiley
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A newly updated and comprehensive guide to all aspects of visual design

From doing a quick sketch to producing a fully rendered model, the ability to create visual representations of designs is a critical skill for every designer. Interior Design Visual Presentation, Fifth Edition offers thorough coverage of interior design communication used throughout the design process, complete with a broad range of real-world examples.

This fully updated handbook presents a full range of styles and techniques used for interior design visual communication, from hand drawing to 3D computer modeling. Its accessible, how-to approach guides you through a variety of methods for executing creative and successful design graphics, models, and presentations. Recognizing the ongoing proliferation of digital tools for visual representation, this edition provides the latest information on software used in presentation such as Photoshop, and SketchUp, and covers the integration of Revit, and AutoCAD generated content into design presentations.

•    Covers all aspects of visual design and presentation for interior designers

•    Includes color illustrations that feature a wide range of project types including residential, healthcare and public projects, designed to highlight step-by-step instructions

•    Provides a discussion of incorporation of 3D digital models into presentations including use in virtual reality, and expanded information on scale models including a discussion of 3D printing

•  Includes a companion website for instructors, featuring PowerPoint lecture slides and an instructor's manual

From traditional to cutting-edge techniques, Interior Design Visual Presentation, Fifth Edition gives students and professionals alike the tools to give life to their design vision.

Author Biography

MAUREEN MITTON, CID, NCIDQ qualified, is a tenured professor and interior design program director at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She is on the review board of the Journal of Interior Design, is a Certified Interior Designer, and is a member of the Interior Design Education Council (IDEC). She is the author of Portfolios for Interior Designers and Residential Interior Design: A Guide to Planning Spaces, both from Wiley.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Introduction ix

1 An Introduction to Drawing for Interior Design 1

Understanding Orthographic Projection Drawings 5

Orthographic Projection Drawings for Interior Environments 7

Floor Plans 7

Interior Elevations 9

Sections 16

Reflected Ceiling Plans 18

Dimensions 19

Lettering 21

More about Orthographic Projections 22

2 The Design Process and Related Graphics 29

Programming 32

Diagrams and Programming Analysis Graphics 34

Programming Matrices 40

Schematic Design 43

Bubble Diagrams 43

Blocking Diagrams 43

Fit and Stacking Plans 47

Conceptual Design 47

Mood and Inspiration Boards 49

Schematic Presentation Graphics 51

Design Development 60

3 Paraline and Perspective Drawings 63

Paraline Drawings 64

Plan Oblique Drawings 65

Isometric Drawings 67

Perspective Drawings 68

Perspective Basics 68

One-Point Perspective 73

Two-Point Perspective 73

Three-Point Perspective 74

Developing Visual Skills 74

Ellipses 74

Use of Enclosing Boxes 74

4 D rawing and Sketching Interior Environments 81

Estimated One-Point Interior Perspective Drawings 81

Estimated Two-Point Interior Perspective Drawings 87

Prepared Perspective Grid Charts 92

Two-Point Plan Projection Method 94

Using Photographs 97

Drawing Composition and Cropping 99

5 Rendering by Hand 103

Rendering as Illumination 104

Materials, Media, and Tools 105

Rendering Media 106

Rendering Orthographic Projection Drawings 107

Rendering Simplified Shadows 108

Materials and Finishes 109

Color Rendering 111

Additional Tips for Manual Rendering 125

Rendering Perspective Drawings 126

Shadows in Perspective Renderings 126

Rendering Perspective Drawings without Color 126

Rendering Interior Perspectives in Color 132

Techniques and Tips for Perspective Rendering 135

Hybrid Rendering: Combining Hand and Digital Rendering 139

6 SketchUp and Digital Modeling 143

Getting Started in SketchUp 144

SketchUp Drawing Basics 147

Drawing First Steps 147

Navigation Basics 149

Selection 149

More Drawing Basics 152

Creating Plan and Section Views 168

Exporting Files 169

Importing Files 170

Working from Imported CAD Files 171

Working with REVIT and Other File Types 173

Rendering and Materials Selection in SketchUp 173

7 Digital Rendering 175

Rendering in SketchUp 176

SketchUp Extensions 181

Rendering with Photoshop 184

Getting Started with CAD- or Revit-Generated Drawings 184

Rendering Setup 186

Rendering Techniques and Options 189

Rendering Perspectives in Photoshop 197

Revit Rendering 206

8 Scale ModelS: Physical and Digital 209

Materials and Tools 210

Paperboard 211

Wood 215

Plastics and Foam 217

Additional Tools 217

Construction and Use of Models 219

Physical Scale Models in Professional Practice 224

Digital Fabrication and 3D Printing 228

Virtual Reality 234

9 Presenting Materials and Finishes 239

Materials and Media Used in Making Boards and Physical Presentations 243

Organization and Composition 250

Sample Presentation Board Organizational Approaches 250

Titles, Keys, and Legends 252

Tips for Materials Preparation 255

Digital Presentation 259

10 Making the Complete Presentation 263

Process and Presentation 267

Organization and Composition 268

Physical Presentations 268

Digital Presentation 273

Beyond the Board and Sheet 284

Graphic Design Components 287

Grids 287

Type 288

Creating Hierarchy 291

Public Speaking and Design Communication 293

Verbal Presentation Basics 296

A Few Words from the Experts 298

Appendix: Color Theory for Rendering 303

Index 305

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