Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 12: Building a Better You : The Next Tools for Medical Education, Diagnosis, and Care

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Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 2004-10-01
Publisher(s): Ios Pr Inc
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The Medicine Meets Virtual Reality conference is a leading forum for surgical simulation and its supporting technologies, haptics and modeling. Assessment and validation studies of newly developed simulation tools are presented with the aim of enhancing the traditional medical education curriculum. Robotics, data visualization and fusion, networking, displays and augmented reality, are additionally explored at MMVR as tools to improve clinical diagnosis and therapy. The proceedings offers medical educators, device developers, and clinicians a wide spectrum of research on data-focused technology utilized in a medical context.

Table of Contents

J.D. Westwood and K.S. Morgan
Interactive Haptic Modeling of Colon and Colonoscope,
W.J. Ahn and D.Y. Lee
Computer-Based Simulator for Catheter Insertion Training,
G. Aloisio, L. Barone, M. Bergamasco, C.A. Avizzano, L.T. De Paolis, M. Franceschini, A. Mongelli, G. Pantile, L. Provenzano and M. Raspolli
Distributed Interactive Virtual Environments for Collaborative Experiential Learning and Training Independent of Distance over Internet2,
D.C. Alverson, S.M. Saiki Jr, J. Jacobs, L. Saland, M.F. Keep, J. Norenberg, R. Baker, C. Nakatsu, S. Kalishman, M. Lindberg, D. Wax, M. Mowafi, K.L. Summers, J.R. Holten, J.A. Greenfield, E. Aalseth, D. Nickles, A. Sherstyuk, K. Haines and T.P. Caudell
Real Time Estimation of Physical Activity and Physiological Performance Reserves of Players during a Game of Soccer,
S. Anastasiadis, A. Anogeianaki, G. Anogianakis, D. Koutsonikolas and P. Koutsonikola
The Korydallos, Greece, Prisons Telemedicine System Experience: Why Technology Alone is Not a Sufficient Condition,
A. Anogeianaki, G. Anogianakis, G. Ilonidis and S. Milliaras
A Clinical and Educational Telemedicine Link between Bulgaria and Greece,
G. Anogianakis , G. Ilonidis, A. Anogeianaki, S. Milliaras, A. Klisarova, T. Temelkov and E. Vlachakis-Milliaras
Hybrid-Reality: Collaborative Biomedical Data Exploration Exploiting 2-D and 3-D Correspondence,
M. Antonijuan Tresens and F. Kuester
Manipulation of Volume Data to Manufacture Vascular Replicas,
M. Bailey, K. Knox, C. Kerber, S.A. Singel and S.G. Imbesi
A 3D Interactive Multimodal Viewer as Data Mining Tool for the Visible Human Dataset Color Image Histograms,
S. Bonacina, F. Menegoni, F. Pinciroli and M. Masseroli
An Active Constraint Environment for Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery: Early Experience of a Cutting Operation,
J. Borelli, F. Bello, F. Rodriguez y Bena and B. Davies
Quantifying Surgeon Grasping Mechanics in Laparoscopy Using the Blue DRAGON System,
J.D. Brown, J. Rosen, L. Chang, M.N. Sinanan and B. Hannaford
Reconstruction and Enhancement in Monocular Laparoscopic Imagery,
J.J. Caban and W.B. Seales
Patient Specific Dynamic Geometric Models from Sequential Volumetric Time Series Image Data,
B.M. Cameron and R.A. Robb
GiPSi: An Open Source/Open Architecture Software Development Framework for Surgical Simulation,
M.C. Çavusoglu, T.G. Götekin, F. Tendick and S. Sastry
Real-Time Volume Haptic Rendering of Non-Linear Viscoelastic Behavior of Soft Tissue through Dynamic Atomic Unit Approach,
A. Chanda and T. Kesavadas
Study of Soft Tissue Cutting Forces and Cutting Speeds, T. Chanthasopeephan,
J.P. Desai and A.C.W. Lau
Level Set Based Auto Segmentation of the Tagged Left Ventricle MR Images,
Q. Chen, Z.M. Zhou, Y.G. Qu, P.A. Heng and D.S. Xia
Interactive Cutting Simulation with Adaptive Refinements Using Digital Logic Design Analogy,
K-S. Choi, H. Sun and P-A. Heng
A One Degree of Freedom Haptic System to Investigate Issues in Human Perception with Particular Application to Probing Tissue,
E. Dibble, A. Zivanovic and B. Davies
Workflow Modeling and Analysis of Computer Guided Prostate Brachytherapy Under MR Imaging Control,
C.F. Dickhaus, C. Burghart, C. Tempany, A. D'Amico, S. Haker, R. Kikinis and H. Woern
The Compensation of Head Motion Artifacts Using an Infrared Tracking System and a New Algorithm for fMRI,
C. Dold, W. Younis, J. Winter, G. Sakas, E. Firle and S. Stergiopoulos
Real-Time Synchronization of Kinematic and Video Data for the Comprehensive Assessment of Surgical Skills,
A. Dosis, F. Bello, K. Moorthy, Y. Munz, D. Gillies and A. Darzi
Visualization of Two Image Variables Simultaneously Using Cardinal Directions of Color Vision,
A.E. Elsner, M.C. Cheney, A. Weber and M. Miura
Soft Tissue Deformation Using a Hierarchical Finite Element Model,
A. Faraci, F. Bello and A. Darzi
The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) as a Tool for Telementoring Endoscopic Procedures,
A. Gandsas, K. McIntire, K. Montgomery, C. Bumgardner and L. Rice
Augmented Reality Laser Projection Device for Surgery,
N. Glossop, Z. Wang, C. Wedlake, J. Moore and T. Peters
StapSim: A Virtual Reality-Based Stapling Simulator for Laparoscopic Herniorrhaphy,
G. Gopalakrishnan and V. Devarajan
Using Cognitive Task Analysis to Facilitate Collaboration in Development of Simulator to Accelerate Surgical Training,
T. Grunwald, D. Clark, S.S. Fisher, M. McLaughlin, S. Narayanan and D. Piepol
Surgical Training Using Haptics over Long Internet Distances,
C. Gunn, M. Hutchins, M. Adcock and R. Hawkins
Realistic Anatomical Texture for Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation,
V. Gupta and V. Devarajan
Challenges Realising Effective Radiological Interventional Virtual Environments: The CRaIVE Approach,
A.E. Healey, J. Evans, M. Murphy, D.A. Gould, R. Phillips, J.W. Ward, N.W. John, K.W. Brodlie, A. Bulpit, N. Chalmers, D. Groves, F. Hatfield, T. How, B.M. Diaz, M. Farrell, D. Kessel and F. Bello
Virtual Reality Based System for Training on Knee Arthroscopic Surgery,
P-A. Heng, C-Y. Cheng, T-T. Wong, Y. Xu, Y-P. Chui, K-M. Chan and S.K. Tso
Visualization of Muscle Function for Medical Education,
V. Hurmusiadis, S. Barrick and C. Briscoe
Automated Kinematic Generator for Surgical Robotic Systems,
D.L. Jung, W.E. Dixon and F.G. Pin
Palpation Imaging Using a Haptic System for Virtual Reality Applications in Medicine,
W. Khaled, S. Reichling, O.T. Bruhns, H. Boese, M. Baumann, G. Monkman, S. Egersdoerfer, D. Klein, A. Tunayar, H. Freimuth, A. Lorenz, A. Pessavento and H. Ermert
Virtual Patient: A Photo-Real Virtual Human for VR-Based Therapy,
B. Kiss, B. Benedek, G. Szijártó, G. Csukly, L. Simon and B. Takács
Effect of Sensory Substitution on Suture Manipulation Forces for Surgical Teleoperation,
M. Kitagawa, D. Dokko, A.M. Okumura, B.T. Bethea and D.D. Yuh
Chemical Agent Simulator for Emergency Preparedness Training,
P.N. Kizakevich, S. Duncan, J. Zimmer, H. Schwetzke, W. Jochem, M.L. McCartney, K. Starko and N.T. Smith
A Study of Overlapping Virtual Objects on Real Objects in 3D Space,
T. Kondo, K. Matsunaga, K. Shidoji and Y. Matsuki
Optimization of a Vector Quantization Codebook for Objective Evaluation of Surgical Skill,
T.M. Kowalewski, J. Rosen, L. Chang, M.N. Sinanan and B. Hannaford
The Development of a VR System for the Cognitive & Behavioral Assessment of Schizophrenia,
J. Ku, W.G. Cho, J.H. Kim, K.U. Kim, B.N. Kim, W.Y. Hahn, J.J. Kim, J.H. Lee, I.Y. Kim and S.I. Kim
FEM-Based Interaction Model between Elastic Objects for Indirect Palpation Simulator,
Y. Kuroda, M. Nakao, T. Kuroda, H. Oyama, M. Komori and T. Matsuda
Visualization of the Variability of 3D Statistical Shape Models by Animation,
H. Lamecker, M. Seebaß, T. Lange, H-C. Hege and P. Deuflhard
Introducing a Novel Haptic Interface for the Planning and Simulation of Open Surgery,
R.J. Lapeer, P. Gasson, J-L. Florens, S. Laycock and V. Karri
A New Form of Application Service Provider (ASP) in the Development of Data Systems and Data Flow and Management of Data in (Multiple Campus) Health Care Institutions,
C.R. Laurent
Argonaute 3D: A Real-Time Cooperative Medical Planning Software on DSL Network,
P. Le Mer, L. Soler, D. Pavy, A. Bernard, J. Moreau, D. Mutter and J. Marescaux
Realistic Simulation of Surgical Cutting of Soft Tissues in Real Time with Force Feedback,
Y-J. Lim and S. De
Two-Handed Next Generation Suturing Simulator,
A.J. Lindblad, G.M. Turkiyyah, G. Sankaranarayanan, S.J. Weghorst, D. Berg
Bioterrorism: Development of Large-Scale Medical Readiness Using Multipoint Distance-Based Simulation Training,
D.K.J.E. von Lubitz, B. Carrasco, C.-A. Fausone, F. Gabbrielli, J. Kirk, M.J. Lary, H. Levine, F. Patrcelli, T.A. Pletcher, S. Richir, G. Stevens and G. Wroblewski
Training and Assessment of Psychomotor Skills for Performing Laparoscopic Surgery Using BEST-IRIS Virtual Reality Training Simulator,
R. Makam, C.S. Rajan, T. Brendon, V. Shreedhar, K. Saleem, S. Shrivastava, R. Sudarshan and P. Naidu
A One-DOF Freehand Haptic Device for Robotic Tele-Echography,
M. Marchal and J. Troccaz
In-Vivo Stereoscopic Imaging System with 5 Degrees-of-Freedom for Minimal Access Surgery,
A. Miller, P. Allen and D. Fowler
Ensuring the Usability of a Knee Arthroscopy Simulator,
L. Moody, A. Waterworth, J.G. Arthur, A. Zivanovic and E. Dibble
A Flexible Virtual Reality Tutorial for the Training and Assessment of Arthroscopic Skills,
L. Moody and A. Waterworth
Evaluation of the Benefit of VR Simulation in a Multi-Media Web-Based Educational Tool,
K. Moorthy, M. Mansoori, F. Bello, J. Hance, S. Undre, Y. Munz and A. Darzi
Parameter Optimisation for the Behaviour of Elastic Models over Time,
J. Mosegaard
LR-Spring Mass Model for Cardiac Surgical Simulation,
J. Mosegaard
Distributed Interactive Virtual Environments for Collaborative Medical Education and Training: Design and Characterization,
M.Y. Mowafi, K.L. Summers, J. Holten, J.A. Greenfield, A. Sherstyuk, D. Nickles, E. Aalseth, W. Takamiya, S. Saiki, D. Alverson and T.P. Caudell
Physics-Based Preoperative Approach Planning Using Hybrid Virtual Bodies,
M. Nakao, T. Kuroda, M. Komori, H. Oyama and M. Komeda
Practical Haptic Navigation with Clickable 3D Region Input Interface for Supporting Master-Slave Type Robotic Surgery,
M. Nakao, K. Imanishi, T. Kuroda and H. Oyama
THUMP: An Immersive Haptic Console for Surgical Simulation and Training,
G. Niemeyer, K.J. Kuchenbecker, R. Bonneau, P. Mitra, A.M. Reid, J. Fiene and G. Weldon
Ergonomic Interface Concepts for Minimally Invasive, Remote, and Virtual Surgical Systems,
M.W. Noakes and W.E. Dixon
Virtual Reality Combats Test Anxiety: A Case Study Report,
M.M. North, S.M. North and J. Crunk
The Delivery Simulator: A New Application of Medical VR,
T. Obst, R. Burgkart, E. Ruckhäberle and R. Riener
Development of a Novel Surgical Support Instrument and Virtual System Incorporating New Tactile Sensor Technology,
S. Omata, Y. Murayama and C.E. Constantinou
Development and Human Factors Analysis of Neuronavigation vs. Augmented Reality,
A. Pandya, M-R. Siadat, G. Auner, M. Kalash and R.D. Ellis
Passive vs. Active Virtual Reality Learning: The Effects on Short- and Long-Term Memory of Anatomical Structures,
A. Phelps, A. Fritchle and H. Hoffman
BIRD: Bio-Image Referral Database. Design and Implementation of a New Web and Patient Multimedia Data Focused System for Effective Medical Diagnosis and Therapy,
F. Pinciroli, M. Masseroli, L.A. Acerbo, S. Bonacina, R. Ferrari and M. Marchente
The Surgical Illustrator: A Web Enabled Computer Program for Documenting Clinical and Procedural Details,
C.M. Pugh and P. Ratiu
A Virtual Reality Based Navigation System for Endovascular Surgery,
S. Pujol, M. Pecher, J-L. Magne and P. Cinquin
Catheter Simulation System Cathl: From Patient Data Generation to Cardiological Training Systems,
P. Rebholz, U. Kornmesser and J. Hesser
In Vivo Robots for Laparoscopic Surgery,
M.E. Rentschler, A. Hadzialic, J. Dumpert, S.R. Platt, S. Farritor and D. Oleynikov
A Sensorized Human Torso Phantom,
R. Riener, B. Sae-Kee, M. Frey and R. Burgkart
Phantom-Based Interactive Simulation System for Dental Treatment Training,
B. Sae-Kee, R. Riener, M. Frey, T. Pröll and R. Burgkart
An Adaptive Driver and Real-Time Deformation Algorithm for Visualization of High-Density Lung Models,
A. Santhanam, C. Fidopiastis, A. Tal, B. Hoffman-Ruddy and J. Rolland
A Comparison of the CathSim™ System and Simulated Limbs for Teaching Intravenous Cannulation,
M.W. Scerbo, J.P. Bliss, E.A. Schmidt, S.N. Thompson, T.D. Cox and H.J. Poland
Enhancing Radiological Volumes with Symbolic Anatomy Using Image Fusion and Collaborative Virtual Reality,
J.C. Silverstein, F. Dech and P.L. Kouchoukos
Virtual Patients in Clinical Medicine,
A. Simo, M. Cavazza and R. Kijima
Segmentation and Generation of Patient-Specific 3D Models of Anatomy for Surgical Simulation,
M. Smith, A. Faraci and F. Bello
A Simple Virtual Instrument to Monitor Surgeons' Workload While They Perform Minimally Invasive Surgery Tasks,
W.D. Smith and R. Berguer
Occam's Approach to Video Critical Behavior Detection: A Practical Real Time Video In-Vehicle Alertness Monitor,
M. Steffin and K. Wahl
A Prototype Virtual Reality System for Preoperative Planning of Neuro-Endovascular Interventions,
N. Subramanian, T. Kesavadas and K.R. Hoffmann
Validation of Soft Tissue Properties in Surgical Simulation with Haptic Feedback,
H. Sur, A. Faraci and F. Bello
Comparison of CAVE and HMD for Visual Stimulation in Postural Control Research,
T. Tossavainen
Virtual Vision Loss Simulator,
F.M. Toufaili, E.J. Seibel and D.J. McIntyre
Reaction-Time Measurement and Real-Time Data Acquisition for Neuroscientific Experiments in Virtual Environments,
J.T. Valvoda, I. Assenmacher, T. Kuhlen and C.H. Bischof
A Preliminary Study of Presence in Virtual Reality Training Simulation for Medical Emergencies,
R. Viciana-Abad, A. Reyes-Lecuona, C. Garcia-Berdonés and A. Diaz-Estrella
An AR System with Intuitive User Interface for Manipulation and Visualization of 3D Medical Data,
S. Vogt, A. Khamene, H. Niemann and F. Sauer
A Haptic Surgical Simulator for the Continuous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis Procedure During Cataract Surgery,
R. Webster, J. Sassani, R. Shenk and N. Good
Haptic Rendering of Tissue Cutting with Scissors,
D.J. Weiss and A.M. Okamura
Increasing Face Validity of a Vascular Interventional Training System,
J. Winder, H. Zheng, S. Hughes, B. Kelly, C. Wilson and A. Gallagher
An Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Training System for Assessment of Surgical Skill,
Y. Yamauchi, J. Yamashita, O. Morikawa, R. Hashimoto and K. Yokoyama
Acquiring Laparoscopic Manipulative Skills: A Virtual Tissue Dissection Training
Module, H. Zhang, S. Payandeh, J. Dill and A.J. Lomax
Novel Force Resolver Designs for a Haptic Surgery Simulator,
A. Zivanovic, E. Dibble, and B. Davies
Author Index 425

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