Our Hearts Fell to the Ground Plains Indian Views of How the West Was Lost

Edition: 2nd
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2017-09-08
Publisher(s): Bedford/St. Martin's
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This revised edition of Colin Calloway’s Our Hearts Fell to the Ground continues to offer a look into the Native American views of the changing West in the nineteenth century through a selection of primary accounts, speeches, and writings. With a revised introduction and a number of new documents, this second edition now includes new coverage of the Northern Cheyennes’ bid for freedom in 1878; a testimony by a Ponca chief who won a landmark court case; an Indian teacher’s thoughts on Indian schools; and an old woman’s memory of her experience as a teenage girl at the Wounded Knee massacre. The epilogue has been expanded and the bibliography updated to include many of the excellent and path-breaking works that have appeared in the twenty years since the first edition was published. Updated chronology and questions further serve to aid students as they make their way through this rich collection of documents.

Table of Contents



List of Maps and Illustrations

Part One: Introduction: How the West Was Lost

The Indian Peoples of the Plains

The Conquest of the Plains

The Reservations and the Era of Forced Acculturation

Native Responses and the Search for Hope

Voices and Visions

Part Two: The Documents

1. A Sioux Archive

Lone Dog’s Buffalo Robe

1. Lone Dog, Winter Count, 1800-1871

2. Horses, Guns, and Smallpox

How the Blackfeet got Horses, Guns, and Smallpox

2. Saukamappee, Memories of War and Smallpox, 1787-1788

Trading Guns for Horses

3. Howling Wolf: The Great Peace, c. 1878-81

The Kiowas Meet Smallpox

4. Kiowa Legend: "I Bring Death" late 19th century

3. The Life and Death of Four Bears

Portrait of a Warrior

5. Four Bears as Painted by Karl Bodmer, 1834

Four Bears’s War Record

6. Buffalo Robe Painted by Four Bears, c. 1830

Four Bears Kills a Cheyenne Chief

7. Four Bears, Drawing of His Fight with a Cheyenne Chief, c. 1830

The Death Speech of Four Bears

8. Four Bears, Speech to the Arikaras and Mandans, July 30, 1837

4. Counting Coups and Fighting for Survival

Fighting for Crow Country

9. Arapooish, Speech on Crow Country, 1830s

The Quest for Power

10. Two Leggings, The Dream and Reality of a Raid, 1919

A Woman’s View of War

11. Pretty Shield, "Like Talking to Water-Winds," 1932

Alliance with the United States

12. Plenty Coups: "The Only Way Open to Us," c. 1930

5. Massacres North and South

Sand Creek, 1864

13. Little Bear, "The Soldiers Had Not Scalped Them Yet." c. 1905-1918

The Marias, 1870

14. Bear Head, "I Wished that the Seizers had Killed Me Too," 1935

6. Talking to the Peace Commissioners: The Treaty of Medicine Lodge, 1867

"When We Settle Down We Grow Pale and Die."

15. Satanta, Speech at the Treaty of Medicine Lodge, 1867

"I Want to Live and Die as I was Brought Up."

16. Ten Bears, Speech at the Treaty of Medicine Lodge, 1867

"Teach Us the Road to Travel."
17. Satank, Speech at the Treaty of Medicine Lodge, 1867

7. The Slaughter of the Buffalo

First Hide Hunters

18. Luther Standing Bear, "The Plains Were Covered with Dead Bison," 1928

The End of the Buffalo Road

19. Carl Sweezy, On Taking "the New Road," mid-20th Century

The Last Buffalo Herd

20. Old Lady Horse, "War Between the Buffalo and the White Men," early 20th century

When the Buffalo Went Away

21. Pretty Shield, "They Stared at the Empty Plains, as though Dreaming," 1932

8. The Battle on the Greasy Grass, 1876

Sioux Signs and Arikara Premonitions

22. Red Star, Reading the Sioux Signs, 1912

Repelling Reno

23. Wooden Leg, A Cheyenne Account of the Battle, 1931

The Course of the Battle

24. Red Horse, Pictorial Record, 1881

Killing Custer’s Men

25. Iron Hawk, "The Soldiers Were All Rubbed Out," 1931

A View from the Village

26. Mrs. Spotted Horn Bull, "The Women and Children Cried," 1910

9. The End of Freedom

"Melting Like Snow on the Hillside."

27. Red Cloud, Speech to the Secretary of the Interior, 1870

An Old Woman’s Dream

28. Buffalo Bird Woman, Recalling the Old Days, 1921

Serving as a Judge

29. Wooden Leg, "I Just Listened, Said Nothing, and Did Nothing," 1931

Learning the White Man’s Ways

30. Carl Sweezy, Learning to like Wohaw, mid-20th century

10. Going Home

The Northern Cheyenne Exodus

31. Iron Teeth, "We are Going Back to the North," 1926

32. Little Wolf, "Our Hearts Longed for the Country Where We Were Born," 1879

The Trial and Testimony of Standing Bear

33. Standing Bear, Testimony Before the Senate Committee, 1880

11. Attending the White Man’s Schools

Early Days at Carlisle

34. Luther Standing Bear, Life at Boarding School, 1928

An Indian Teacher Reflects on Indian Education

35. Zitkala-Sa, Retrospection, 1921

Negotiating Change

36. Wohaw, Self Portrait, 1878

12. Killing the Dream

The Assassination of Sitting Bull, 1890

37. Lone Man, "Lieut. Bullhead Fired into Sitting Bull," 1920s

The Wounded Knee Massacre, 1890

38. Bertha Kills Close to Lodge, "I was 17 years old," 1933

39. Black Elk, "The Nation’s Hoop is Broken," 1932



Chronology of How the West Was Lost

Questions for Consideration

Selected Bibliography


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