Readings in Medieval History

Edition: 4th
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2010-08-01
Publisher(s): Univ of Toronto Pr Higher education
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Customer Reviews

Great Book  June 11, 2011
Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarRating Star

Readings in Medieval History is a terrific textbook. This textbook allows the student of history to read primary documents, which are mostly presented unabridged, exactly as they were written by their medieval authors. This textbook allows you to hear the medieval voice without modern contextual hindrances. I have rented this textbook from ecampus, it provides a great service. Strongly recommended.

Readings in Medieval History: 4 out of 5 stars based on 1 user reviews.


For this new edition, Patrick J. Geary has incorporated more bibliographical information into the introductions to the readings. Five texts have been added to better reflect legal, religious, Polish, and women's history.

A glossary is provided to help with unfamiliar terms. For students who want to dig deeper into the primary sources, secondary readings about the primary sources are listed.

‘’Instructors of medieval history are fortunate to have at their disposal a new edition of the best selection of medieval primary courses in English translation available today. Like its predecessors, this fourth edition fulfills the promise expressed in the author's preface: to introduce us and our students to documents representing a great variety of genres, subjects, and places throughout medieval Europe and to present those documents in their entirety or in substantial portions. The documents allow us, the teachers, and more importantly, our students, the freedom to read in depth, select, and analyze—to practice history at its best, right in the classroom.’’ - Piotr Gorecki, University of California, Riverside

Author Biography

Patrick J. Geary, Professor of History at the University of California, Los Angeles, is the author and editor of numerous books on medieval history.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. xi
Late Antiquity
Theodosian Codep. 1
Augustine of Hippo On Christian Doctrinep. 28
City of Godp. 46
St. Perpetua The Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicitasp. 58
The Barbarian World
Tacitus Germaniap. 65
Jordanes History of the Gothsp. 78
Hildebrandsliedp. 111
The Early Franks
The Tomb of Childeric, Father of Clovisp. 113
Salic Lawp. 122
Bishops Remigius of Reims and Avitus of Vienne Letters to Clovisp. 129
Gregory of Tours History of the Franksp. 131
Life of Saint Balthildp. 153
Early Italy
Saint Benedict Rule for Monasteriesp. 159
Gregory the Great Dialoguesp. 189
Anglo-Saxon England
Laws of Ethelbertp. 209
Bede History of the English Church and Peoplep. 212
King Alfred Doomsp. 223
The Treaty between Alfred and Guthrum (886-890)p. 228
Letter to King Edward the Elderp. 228
Asser's Life of King Alfredp. 230
Anglo-Saxon Chroniclep. 239
Theodore Penitentialp. 247
The Carolingians
Einhard Life of Charles the Greatp. 266
Selected Capitulariesp. 280
Dhuoda's Handbook for her Son (Liber Manualis)p. 302
Cluniac Charters The Foundation Charter of Clunyp. 315
Charters of the Grossi Familyp. 317
Miracles of Saint Foyp. 322
Anselm Proslogionp. 329
Bernard of Clairvaux Sermons on the Song of Songsp. 342
Guibert of Nogent Memoirsp. 351
Lords and Vassals
Fulbert of Chartres Letter to William of Aquitainep. 376
Hugh of Lusignan Agreement between Lord and Vassalp. 377
Galbert of Bruges the Murder of Charles the Goodp. 382
The First Crusade
Four Accounts Fulcher of Chartresp. 394
Solomon Bar Simsonp. 406
Ibn Al-Athirp. 413
Anna Comnenap. 418
The Fourth Lateran Council
Canons of the Fourth Lateran Council, 1215p. 430
The Mendicants
The Rule of Saint Francis of Assisip. 456
Clare of Assisi Testamentp. 460
Canonization Process of St. Dominicp. 464
Thomas of Cantimpré Defense of the Mendicantsp. 475
St. Thomas Aquinas On the Proofs of God's Existencep. 478
Church and Society in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
Jacques Fournier Inquisition Recordsp. 482
Marsilius of Padua Discoursesp. 502
The Book of Margery Kempep. 523
The Empire
Liudprand of Cremona A Chronicle of Otto's Reignp. 554
Pope Gregory VII and King Henry IV the Investiture Controversyp. 562
The Concordat of Wormsp. 587
Otto of Freising The Deeds of Frederick Barbarossap. 588
The Saxon Mirror (Sachsenspiegel)p. 598
Emperor Charles IV Autobiographyp. 603
The Golden Bullp. 618
The Deeds of the Princes of the Polesp. 639
The Chronicle of Thietmar of Merseburgp. 647
Joinville Life of St. Louisp. 649
Enquêts of King Louisp. 667
Jean Froissart Chroniclesp. 677
The Trial of Joan of Arcp. 701
Domesday Bookp. 716
Richard fitz Nigel Dialogue of the Exchequerp. 724
Accounts of the Exchequer: An Examplep. 730
Magna Cartap. 735
The Articles of the Barons, June 15, 1215p. 735
Magna Carta, 1215p. 739
Pope Innocent III declares Magna Carta null and void, August 24,1215p. 746
Magna Carta, 1216p. 747
Royal Courts of England the Huntingdonshire Eyre of 1286p. 752
A Medieval English Village: Plans of Wharram Percyp. 756
The Iberian Peninsula
Fuero de Cuencap. 759
Las Siete Partidasp. 761
Giovanni Scriba Notary Bookp. 770
Dialogues of Catherine of Sienap. 772
Florence: Catasto of 1427p. 781
Gregorio Dati Diaryp. 793
Glossaryp. 808
Sourcesp. 811
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