Social Development

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Edition: 3rd
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2019-03-26
Publisher(s): Wiley
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Social Development provides a comprehensive introduction to the multiple factors that shape a child’s behavior, interaction with others, feelings about themselves, and how and why behaviors change over time. Delving into the biological, cognitive, and perceptual aspects of development and their influence on behavior, socialization, and self-image, this text also recognizes the significance of cultural and societal distinctions by emphasizing the value of context and identifying cultural variation’s role in social development.

Special pedagogical features in each chapter enhance the learning experience and promote student understanding: counter-intuitive examples cases challenge reader assumptions, coverage of extreme cases tell the story behind historical advancements, and profiles of current leaders in the field highlight the many paths to a career in social development. With a focus on real-world application, coupled with coverage of cutting-edge methodologies and the latest research findings, this book gives students a strong, highly relevant foundation in core concepts and practices central to the study of social development.

Table of Contents

Preface xix

1 Introduction: Theories of Social Development 1

Bet You Didn’t Know That . . . Newborns Can Recognize Their Mothers by Smell 2

Insights from Extremes: Genie, a “Wild Child” 5

Cultural Context: Parenting Advice Around the Globe 8

Research Up Close: Children of the Great Depression 11

Into Adulthood: Fatherhood and Generativity 19             

Learning from Living Leaders 36

Chapter Summary 38

Key Terms 41

At the Movies 41

2 Research Methods: Tools for Discovery 43

Insights from Extremes: Lost and Found Children 49

Real-World Application: Treating an Aggressive Child 51

Into Adulthood: Behavior in Childhood Predicts Adult Outcomes 55

Cultural Context: Challenges for Researchers 60

Research Up Close: The Puppet Interview Method 62

Bet You Thought That . . .: Parents Can Accurately Report Retrospectively About Their Children’s Early Years 67

Learning from Living Leaders 78

Chapter Summary 81

Key Terms 83

At the Movies 83

3 Biological Foundations: Roots in Neurons and Genes 85

Bet You Thought That . . .: Genes Determine Your Potential 99

Research Up Close: A Genetic Risk for Drug Use 109

Insights from Extremes: Autism 110

Real-World Application: Genetic Counseling, Genetic Selection 112

Cultural Context: Are Temperaments the Same Around the World? 115

Into Adulthood: Shy Children Thirty Years Later 120

Learning from Living Leaders 121

Chapter Summary 123

Key Terms 125

At the Movies 126

4 Attachment: Forming Close Relationships 127

Insights from Extremes: Maternal Bonding 131

Bet You Thought That . . .: Babies Become Attached to Their Teddy Bears and Blankets 135

Cultural Context: Assessing Attachment in Different Cultures 140

Research Up Close: Early Experience Hormones, and Attachment 145

Real-World Application: Attachment When Mother (or Father) Goes to Prison 149

Into Adulthood: From Early Attachment to Later Romantic Relationships 158

Learning from Living Leaders 159

Chapter Summary 161

Key Terms 163

At the Movies 163

5 Emotions: Thoughts about Feelings 165

Bet You Thought That. . .: A Smile Is a Smile Is a Smile 172

Cultural Context: Expressing and Understanding Emotions in Different Cultures 184

Into Adulthood: Controlling Negative Emotions in Adulthood 190

Research Up Close: Emotional Development in a High School Theater Program 194

Real-World Application: Teachers as Promoters of Emotional Competence 196

Insights from Extremes: When Children Commit Suicide 199

Learning from Living Leaders 202

Chapter Summary 203

Key Terms 204

At the Movies 204

6 Self and Other: Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know You 206

Cultural Context: How Culture Shapes Self-Representations 210

Into Adulthood: Identity Formation Continues 219

Real-World Application: Sexual Orientation and Identity 226

Research Up Close: The Brain Beneath Theory of Mind 229

Bet You Thought That . . .: Babies Are Not Mind Readers 230

Insights from Extremes: The Most Extreme Prejudice: Genocide 238

Learning from Living Leaders 244

Chapter Summary 245

Key Terms 247

At the Movies 247

7 Family: Early and Enduring Influences 248

Into Adulthood: Transition to Parenthood 253

Research Up Close: Transmission of Hostile Parenting across Generations 259

Bet You Thought That . . .: Parenting Is a Brain Drain, Not a Brain Booster 262

Insights from Extremes: When Is a Family Too Large? 265

Real-World Application: “Let’s Have Dinner” 271

Cultural Context: How Effects of Parenting Vary Across Cultures 274

Learning from Living Leaders 291

Chapter Summary 293

Key Terms 295

At the Movies 295

8 Peers: A World of Their Own 297

Cultural Context: Peer Roles and Relationships in Different Cultures 306

Bet You Thought That . . .: Names Would Never Hurt You 316

Research Up Close: When “Love Thine Enemy” Fails 317

Insights from Extremes: From Rejection to Revenge? 318

Insights from Extremes: When Children Love and Protect Each Other 330

Into Adulthood: What Happens When Jocks, Brains, and Princesses Grow Up 337

Real-World Application: Youth Gangs 339

Learning from Living Leaders 339

Chapter Summary 341

Key Terms 343

At the Movies 344

9 Schools Mentors and Media: Connections with Society 345

Bet You Thought That . . .: Homeschooled Children Were Socially Disadvantaged 352

Cultural Context: Matching Classroom Organization to Cultural Values and Practices 356

Real-World Application: Advertising Influences Children’s Choices 371

Research Up Close: Role-Playing Games and Social Life 380

Insights from Extremes: The Risks of Sexting 381

Learning from Living Leaders 381

Chapter Summary 384

Key Terms 386

At the Movies 386

10 Sex and Gender: Vive La Différence? 388

Into Adulthood: Occupations for Men and Women 393

Cultural Context: Cultural Differences in Gender Stereotypes 397

Bet You Thought That . . .: Gender Identity was Determined by Biological Sex 398

Insights from Extremes: The First American Transgendered Person 400

Research Up Close: Gender Roles in Counterculture Families 414

Real-World Application: Do Computers Widen the Gender Gap? 419

Learning from Living Leaders 427

Chapter Summary 428

Key Terms 430

At the Movies 431

11 Morality: Knowing Right Doing Good 432

Insights from Extremes: Moral Heroes 437

Cultural Context: Justice versus Interpersonal Obligations in India and the United States 441

Bet You Thought That . . .: Moral Judgment Leads to Moral Action 450

Into Adulthood: The Love of Money Is the Root of All Evil 453

Research Up Close: Children Telling Lies 454

Real-World Application: Adolescents’ Competence to Stand Trial as Adults 459

Learning from Living Leaders 470

Chapter Summary 473

Key Terms 474

At the Movies 474

12 Aggression: Insult and Injury 476

Into Adulthood: From Childhood Aggression to Road Rage 485

Insights from Extremes: Child Soldiers 493

Research Up Close: Genes, Environmental Triggers, and Aggressive Behavior 499

Real-World Application: Cyberfighting and Cyberbullying 505

Bet You Thought That . . .: You Could Reduce Aggressive Feelings by “Letting off Steam” 508

Learning from Living Leaders 514

Chapter Summary 516

Key Terms 517

At the Movies 518

13 Policy: Improving Children’s Lives 519

Real-World Application: Early Intervention with Children in Poverty 527

Research Up Close: The Florida Child Care Quality Improvement Study 534

Bet You Thought That . . .: More Teens Are Having Sex Than Ever Before 536

Into Adulthood: When Teen Mothers Grow Up 538

Cultural Context: Child Abuse and Children’s Rights 547

Insights from Extremes: Suggestive Interrogations and Legal Policy 551

Learning from Living Leaders 553

Chapter Summary 556

Key Terms 558

At the Movies 559

14 Overarching Themes: Integrating Social Development 560

Glossary 575

Author Index 587

Subject Index 609

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