The Story of Evangelism: A History of the Witness to the Gospel

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2006-09-30
Publisher(s): Abingdon Pr
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The gospel is about good news, then bad news, then even more good news. The good news of God's loving creation of the world is followed by the bad news that human beings decided to reject the relationship with God and one another for which God created them. The Good News is that God broke into human history in Jesus Christ and made it possible for the members of flawed and fallen humanity to be reconciled to God and hence to one another.Telling that story, living the story, working for the transformation of human lives by the story'that, says Robert Tuttle, is what evangelism is all about. In this new history of evangelism, Tuttle introduces the reader to the broad sweep of the church's witness to the gospel. The familiar figures are all here'Paul, Patrick, Boniface, Columba, Luther, Wesley, Carey, and the like. Yet Tuttle knows that the story of the church's ministry of evangelism has been a world-wide endeavor, drawing on the talents and commitment of women as well as men, lesser-known figures as well as famous ones. And so this is the first history of evangelism to tell the story from a truly global and inclusive perspective.Tuttle organizes his material into particular historical periods or moments, introducing each one by way of three points of presentation. First, he tells the setting, the various cultural factors (social, political, religious, and the like) relevant to establishing the need for evangelism in that time and place. Next he introduces the speaker, an evangelist uniquely fitted to present the word of the gospel to the time under consideration. Finally he assesses the impact of the speaker and others who ministered in that context. Here he discusses the results of the overall evangelistic effort'”some well done, some not so well done'”and points toward the needs and context of the next period.

Author Biography

Robert G. Tuttle, Jr. is Professor of Evangelism at Asbury Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida.

Table of Contents

Introduction ix
Period 1: In the Beginning
Chapter 1: The Broader Context
Chapter 2: Abraham
Chapter 3: A Transcendent/Immanent God
Period 2: Pre-Christian Evangelism
Chapter 4: Needed, a Word from on High
Chapter 5: Hannah
Chapter 6: Faith in the Promise to Come
Period 3: New Testament Evangelism
Chapter 7: Jesus Christ, the Promise Fulfilled
Chapter 8: The Apostle Paul
Chapter 9: The Movement Spreads
Period 4: The Expanse
Chapter 10: The Circus and the Cross
Chapter 11: Monica
Chapter 12: The Evangelization of an Empire, and Beyond
Period 5: The Decline
Chapter 13: The Challenges
Chapter 14: Boniface
Chapter 15: The Opportunities
Period 6: Ambivalence: Progression and Regression
Chapter 16: Conquest and Crusades
Chapter 17: Francis of Assisi
Chapter 18: Can These Bones Live?
Period 7: Exploration, Exploitation, and Reform
Chapter 19: Reform in the Midst of Exploration and Exploitation
Chapter 20: Teresa of Avila
Chapter 21: Exploration and Exploitation in the Midst of Reform
Period 8: Concepts of Evangelism Gradually Mature
Chapter 22: God in the Shadows
Chapter 23: Philipp Jakob Spener
Chapter 24: Evangelism Is Getting More Organized
Period 9: Revival and Revolution
Chapter 25: Worldly Wisdom and the Word of God
Chapter 26: John Wesley
Chapter 27: Revival as the Work of the Spirit
Period 10: Christianity Becomes Truly Global
Chapter 28: A Changing World
Chapter 29: Amanda Berry Smith
Chapter 30: The Global Vision
Period 11: Vigor Amidst the Storm
Chapter 31: The Storm
Chapter 32: Toyohiko Kagawa
Chapter 33: The Vigor
Period 12: Christ and Culture
Chapter 34: The "Thlrd World" Demands Attention
Chapter 35: Mother Teresa
Chapter 36: Cross-cultural Communication
Period 13: What Have We Learned?
Chapter 37: September 11, 2001
Chapter 38: The Thin Places
Index 425

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