The West: Encounters & Transformations, Chapters 14-29

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Edition: 1st
Pub. Date: 2003-08-01
Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley
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This new text takes a new approach to telling the story of Western civilization as simply the history of mainly Europe from ancient times to present. This book examines the changing nature of the West how the definition of the West has evolved and changed throughout history. It examines how the definition of western civilization has changed through a series of cultural encounters with different cultures, beliefs, ideas, technologies, and peoples both outside of the West and within it.

Table of Contents

"What is the West?
"The Contraditction of Western Values
The West as Place
Western Civilization? Asking the Right Questions
Absolutism and State-Building in Europe, 1618-1715
The Nature of Absolutism
The Absolutist State in France and Spain
Absolutism and State Building in Central and Eastern Europe
Resistance to Absolutism in England and the Dutch Republic
Conclusion: The Western State in the Age of Absolutism
Justice in History: The Trial of Charles I
The Human Body in History: Mutilation and Royal Power
Science and Culture in the Seventeenth Century
The Scientific Revolution
The Search for Scientific Knowledge
The Causes of the Scientific Revolution
The Intellectual Effects of the Scientific Revolution
Humans and the Natural World
Conclusion: Science and Western Culture
Justice in History: The Trial of Galileo
The Human Body in History: Dissecting the Human Corpse
Eighteenth-Century Society and Culture
The Aristocracy
Challenges to Aristocratic Dominance
The Enlightenment
The Impact of the Enlightenment
Conclusion: Stability and Change in the Eighteenth Century
Justice in History: A Case of Infanticide During the Enlightenment
Places of Encounters: The Salon
The Age of the French Revolution, 1789-1815
The First French Revolution 1789-1791
The French Republic, 1792-1799
Cultural Change in France During the Revolution
The Napoleonic Era, 1799-1815
The Legacy of the French Revolution
Conclusion: The French Revolution and the West
Justice in History: The Trial of Louis XI
The West and the World: Empire, Trade and War in the Eighteenth Century
European Empires in America and Asia
Warfare in Europe, America, and Asia
The Wars of the Spanish and Austrian Successions, 1701-1748
The Seven Years' War, 1756-1763
The American and French Revolutionary Wars, 1775-1815
The Atlantic World
Encounters between Europeans and Asians
The Crisis of Empire and the Atlantic Revolutions
Conclusion: The Rise and Reshaping of the West
Justice in History: The Court-Martial of the Mutineers on the Bounty
The Human Body in History: Bathing in the East and West
The Industrial Revolution, 1760-1850
The Nature of the Industrial Revolution
The Prerequisites of Industrial Growth
The Spread of Industrialization
The Effects of Industrialization
Industry, Trade and Empire
Conclusion: Industrialization and the West
Justice in History: The Sadler Committee on Child Labor
Ideological Encounters and National Unification, 1815-1871
New Ideologies in the Early Nineteenth Century
Scientific Rationalism
Ideological Encounters in Europe, 1815-1848
Liberals, Nationalists, and Republicans in Italy
The Failure of the Revolutions of
National Unification in Europe and America, 1848-1871
Ideology, Empire, and the Balance of Power
Conclusion: Ideological Encounters in the West
Justice in History: Prostitution, Corporal Punishment, and Liberalism in Germany
The Human Body in History: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: The Body in Romantic Literature
The Coming of Mass Politics: Industrialization, Emancipation, and Instability, 1870-1914. Economic Transformation. Defining the Political Nation. Broadening the Political Nation. Outside the Political Nation? The Experience of Women. Conclusion: The West in an Age of Mass Politics. Justice in History: The Dreyfus Affair—Defining National Identity in France. The Human Body in History: Men in Black
The West and the World: Cultural Crisis and New Imperialism, 1870-1914
Scientific Transformations
Cultural Crisis and the Birth of Modernism
The West and the World: The New Imperialism
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